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==Last Name==
==Last Name==
Jonas is the first character in the series whose last name is at least partially known, thanks to the document with the Initials of his dad.
Jonas is the first character in the series whose last name is at least partially known, thanks to the document with his dad's initials
==List of (pre-official) videos==
==List of (pre-official) videos==

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Template:Person2 Jonas a.k.a. jonastko is a Revver/YouTube user who started leaving video comments on Bree's videos and eventually became friends with Bree and Daniel. Most of his videos take place in what he says is his father's study.

Jonas is an orphan and lives alone in what was his parents' house. In his video Happy Thanksgiving, Jonas disclosed that his parents were lost at sea six years ago while traveling along Longitude 140. He claims to have inherited a large house and a great deal of money.

Jonas offers Bree and Daniel help in the form of shelter and financial support. Bree comes to live with Jonas in the video Your Decision. Daniel joins them in the video Christmas Surprise.

According to the video On The Road Again, Jonas's last name could very well begin with a "W," due to the fact that his father used his initials to write, The Order in the Modern Empire.

Jonas's life

Although an amount of money is never given, Jonas owns a large house, at least two vehicles, and appears to have been paying all of Bree's and Daniel's bills for several months. Jonas has also mentioned that he does not work and has no intention to. Prior to turning 18, he had a full-time nanny and attended a lot of psychotherapy. To support this lifestyle indefinitely, Jonas must have inherited at least several million dollars.

Jonas says that he has been too quick to trust people in the past. He has been taking advantage of for his money and mentions that once he stopped throwing giant parties, a lot of his friends stopped calling him.

Many fans have observed that Jonas is something of a lonelyboy. While Bree turned to books and stuffed animals, Jonas has turned to pop-culture and sports. Jonas makes constant references to movies and TV shows, often very obscure ones, and also enjoys extreme sports, boxing and foosball.

Fan Distrust

Fans remain largely suspicious of Jonas's motives in offering such generous support to Bree and Daniel. Fans note that Jonas initially only extended support to Bree, rather than to both Bree and Daniel. Moreover, Jonas's profile initially said that he both became a member and posted his first video "one week ago." Because he only became a member and showed interest in Bree when she was on the run from the Order, fans are suspicious that he may be connected with the Order.

This fan suspicion culminated in The Test, where Daniel asked registered forum members to contact GoodGollyItsHolly to pass on a recommendation concerning whether to trust Jonas or not.

Jonas later posted a video called Tough Cookie which included a clip from the Tachyon video Gemma? [Part II] that shows Gemma and Lucy together, implying that Gemma is actually working for the Order.

Although Bree and Daniel lived with Jonas for some time without incident, some fans continued not to trust him.

In the video How Dumb Am I?, Bree reveals evidence found in Jonas's parents' vacation home strongly linking him with the Order. This may have been planted by Daniel or The Order to convince Bree to distrust Jonas, even though Bree does not seem to be considering this possibility.

In recent videos, however, Jonas's name appears to have been cleared, with the symbol found actually adopted by Jonas's parents who were researching the Order for some unknown reason.

Etymology of Jonas

There are two possible derivations of the name Jonas:

  • Jonas is the Latin derivation of the Greek form (Ionas) of the Hebrew name Jonah. It is widely presumed that Jonas's name is a reference to the Biblical Jonah, who was swallowed by a fish, because this would tie in to the story of his lost parents. For further discussion, also see the LGPedia article, Water Theme. Jonas is most widely used as a male name in German and Scandinavian cultures.
  • Many fans who distrust Jonas have suggested that the creators chose Jonas as a name because it sounds like Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus.
  • Alternatively, Jonas is the Lithuanian variant of the English name John. John is derived from the Hebrew Johanas, which means "God is great," and which is the name of Biblical characters John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and John the Evangelist.
  • On YouTube and Revver, Jonas uses the name jonastko. The name is a reference to Jonas's boxing hobby. The letters T.K.O. are used in boxing as an abbreviation for "Technical Knock-Out."

Last Name

Jonas is the first character in the series whose last name is at least partially known, thanks to the document with his dad's initials

List of (pre-official) videos

  1. My Name Is Jonas
  2. Bored At Home
  3. Happy Thanksgiving
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