Kate's Watcher

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Kate's Watcher
First Appearance Last Appearance
There Goes The Neighbourhood KateModern Season Two Recap
Character information
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Date of Death April 6th, 2008
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Pete Gibbons

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Kate's Watcher was the Watcher who is often seen watching Kate or her friends. His motives were not always clear as he seems hostile, though that is against the nature of Watchers.


Kate's Watcher is first spotted by Kate lurking outside her flat at night. At first, her friends don't believe that he actually exists, but are soon convinced when given photographic evidence and eventually see him outside the flat themselves. He is later present alongside Bree's Watcher as one of Michelle Clore's bodyguards at Kate's art show. He is also present when Kate leaves with Michelle, driving the van they get away in. Steve locates the van and Tariq beats up Kate's Watcher and steals the van.

He turns up again a month later during Lee's "Treasure Hunt" for Gavin and Tariq's software, and steals one of the Gnomes from Sophie, who has come to retrieve it. He later steals the software as Terrence and Charlie fight over it, injuring Terrence in the process. Angered, Terrence later exterts revenge on the Watcher by capturing him and holding him hostage in his own van. His plan ultimately fails, however, as he escapes after a few days, and is later seen when Terrence, Gavin, and Tariq attack the Hymn of One London Centre.

He isn't seen again until April, where he is persuing Terrence because he had revealed too much about what the Hymn of One was doing. However, Terrence kills him, and buries him in a pile of trash in an alley.

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