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This page is dedicated to listing all the music featured in the LG15: The Resistance videos. The pieces are organized in chronological order according to the blog in which they were featured. It provides links to the artists' pages and to the songs themselves whenever available. Not included in this list are videos from the Hymn of None which replay weekly videos with their original soundtracks intact.

A new concept created for LG15: The Resistance, each week features several songs from one artist, as a promotion. The exception to the rule was Reed's early videos, featuring a title sequence with its own music.

Season 1


Vlog Song Artist
Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Dos! The Arcade Hyper Crush
Hipster Hell The Shocker Warner Drive
Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Three! Robo Tech Hyper Crush
Pants Pants Revolution The Shocker Warner Drive

Chapter 1

Vlog Song Artist
Call to Arms Two Kinds Film School
Feline Feariousness The Shocker Warner Drive
Cheer Me Up! Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl Film School
Split What I Meant to Say Film School

Chapter 2

Vlog Song Artist
Ticket to Ride Kid Gloves Voxtrot
Sexy Librarian Strikes Again! Easy Voxtrot
Mace in Yo Face! Blood Red Blood Voxtrot

Chapter 3

Vlog Song Artist
Team Player, Haters! Away Away Push Play
Creepy Van Man! The Shocker Warner Drive
HLPME Stop Staring Push Play
Done Dirt Cheap Far From Beautiful Push Play

Chapter 4

Vlog Song Artist
1-800-I-CAN-REED Feeling Better The Teenagers
Powder Keg of Beer! Scarlett Johansson The Teenagers
Angry Drunk Chick! Scarlett Johansson The Teenagers
Remember the Mission Scarlett Johansson The Teenagers
All Aboard! Streets of Paris The Teenagers

Chapter 5

Vlog Song Artist
Sleeping Around The Kids Take Control Voyager One
Motel Tryst The Future is Obsolete Voyager One
Chapter 5: On the Road
(additional track)
Darling O.K. Voyager One

Chapter 6

Vlog Song Artist
Road Head Butting Next to Argyle Scissors For Lefty
Expose the Lie Give Me Your Brights Scissors For Lefty
Chapter 6: Hacked and Tracked (additional track) Consumption Junction Scissors For Lefty

Chapter 7

Vlog Song Artist
Exposed! Strung Out on Sunshine Killola
Secret Sauce All of My Idols Are Dead Killola
Boo! 10,000 Pound Ego Killola

Chapter 8

Vlog Song Artist
The Princess Unmasked Best of Me Morningwood
Her First Time That's How You Know it's Love Morningwood
Rabbit Hole Killer Life Morningwood

Chapter 9

Vlog Song Artist
We Are The Resistance Winter Song Colourmusic
Meet N Greet Yes! Colourmusic
Back Up or Back Off Put In A Little Gas Colourmusic
Left Coast Ahoy Yes! Colourmusic
Boston Blitz (Recap) Winter Song Colourmusic

Chapter 10

Vlog Song Artist
No Safety In Numbers DFTF Illa J
Welcome to the Jungle! R U Listenin'? Illa J
Panic in the Park We Here Illa J
Who's That Guy? R U Listenin'? Illa J

Chapter 11

Vlog Song Artist
Checking Out In a Cave Tokyo Police Club
Taken Juno Tokyo Police Club
Lost and Found The Harrowing Adventures Of? Tokyo Police Club

Chapter 12

Vlog Song Artist
All Eyes Birthright Celldweller
We Are the Resistance Through the Gates Celldweller
Going Down Pursuit of the Hunted Celldweller

12 in 12

Vlog Song Artist
8:00 AM - It Begins Life Changes Casteneda
10:00 AM - Check and Mate Lights Out Casteneda
12:00 PM - Betrayal Wait For Me Casteneda
1:00 PM - Calling All Members Life Changes Casteneda
1:30 PM - Ultimatums Whatever Casteneda
2:00 PM - Point Blank Lights Out Casteneda
3:00 PM - The Meet Up Whatever Casteneda
4:00 PM - Naughty Girl, Stupid Boy Wait For Me Casteneda
5:00 PM - Fool Me Once Whatever Casteneda
6:00 PM - Handcuffed 2.0 Whatever Casteneda