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Professor DelMundo
First Appearance Last Appearance
School's Out Hot for Teacher
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Gabriel Romero

Videos with Professor DelMundo

Professor Ray DelMundo is Daniel's film class professor at the San Fernando Junior College. He is an award-winning filmmaker. He kicked Daniel out of film school, claiming that he didn't take Daniel seriously. He argued that he runs a film class, not a "hand everybody a camera and let them masturbate on YouTube" class. However, he changed his mind after Mallory bought him a Cafe De Leche and convinced him to let Daniel back in class.

In Gay or Not?, Mallory complained about a classmate, Amy, who spends more time flirting with Professor DelMundo than getting her work done. Daniel thought this was ridiculous, claiming that Professor DelMundo is gay. However, Mallory adamantly contradicted these claims. In xxKissKissxx, his relationship with Mallory appeared to have grown, as they were seen joking together and discussing plans to go to dinner. It was confirmed in Hot for Teacher that he is having an affair with Mallory.

In Being Stalked, it is revealed that after Mallory "broke things off" with DelMundo, he became "extremely upset" and started to stalk her. This theory was questioned however, because it seemed as though Mallory made and directed the video herself, as a way to get Daniel to come to her rescue. It did not work.

Six months later, Daniel got in contact with DelMundo again, who informed him that he would be starting a film about a guy who's obsessed with comics at the end of the summer and asked if he would be willing to work on it with him.


  • It is unknown whether Mr. Banks is supposed to be the same professor as DelMundo, or if Mallory is still a student of Mr. Banks and Daniel just transferred to Professor DelMundo's class. Perhaps DelMundo just got Mr. Banks's job.

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