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LG15 characters : [[Emma]] ,[[Sarah]], [[Daniel]] and [[Gina]].  
LG15 characters : [[Emma]] ,[[Sarah]], [[Daniel]] and [[Gina]].  
LG15 cast member : [[Katherine Pawlak]].
LG15 cast member : [[Katherine Pawlak]], [[Alexandra Dreyfus]]
LG15 video: [[I Love You All]], [[Playing With Wood]], [[At the Beach]]
LG15 video: [[I Love You All]], [[Playing With Wood]], [[At the Beach]]
==My opinions about LG15 characters==  
==My opinions about LG15 characters==  

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Irene Yim
Person information
Age 36
Birthday 23rd April,1984
MySpace ireneazukilotus
Forum Posts AzukiLotus
YouTube irenequanna
Portrayed by myself
live in Hong Kong,China
Windows live Spaces Irene's home

Introduction of Irene

I am Irene (a.k.a. AzukiLotus), as a Chinese LG15's fan living in Hong Kong. I attended to LG15 series in May 2007. I love Hatha Yoga, eating, drinking and searching grest artists on the internet.

My favourite foods are bitter chocolate puddings and any puddings made by Azuki beans/lotus seeds/almonds/roses/lavenders/sweet potato.

My favourite

LG15 characters : Emma ,Sarah, Daniel and Gina.

LG15 cast member : Katherine Pawlak, Alexandra Dreyfus

LG15 video: I Love You All, Playing With Wood, At the Beach

My opinions about LG15 characters

Emma/Katherine Pawlak

I feel that Emma is more lively and lovely than Bree. When I saw Emma in the video “A Family Affair”, I thought that the actress might be 13 or 14 because she looked so cute and naive. However, when I read Katherine's profile, I was surprised that Katherine is 1 year and five months older than me.

I love Katherine's gorgeous acting very much because Katherine can show the quintessence of a cute,naive and lively 15-year-old girl. In my mind, Katherine is the best actress of LG15.

Bree/Jessica Lee Rose

I had seen most of videos of the first season, but I did not feel that Bree was 16 but a 20-year-old woman pretending to be 16. I felt that Jessica was a woman having a flashy face only and her acting was mediocre as she wasted the nice character, Bree.

But, after seeing "Perfect Sport" on "My Festival", I felt happy because Jessica's acting has been better, and I realized that she just looks too mature to play teenagers.

I hope that Jessica will try to play any mature roles. She can, right?

Sarah/Alexandra Dreyfus

I feel that Sarah is a sexy, cool, brave and sensitive heroine since Sarah always does anything for TAAG, espacially when Jonas hid/drank after he had involved Emma into danger EREVYTIME, Sarah took action first at the risk. Although sometimes Sarah was impetuous,I still think that she is more specific than Bree.

Alexandra Dreyfus? She has many talents! As "Alexandra", she is a great actress; as "Lexie", she is a talented singer.

Gina/Crysral Young

I HATE that some LG fans love Gina because of some reasons like “she looks like Bree” or “I see Bree's soul in Gina”. They are different persons although they are sisters. Bree was clever as she was good at mathematics but she was too naive; Gina is so handy as she built a nice bench (Thank to Crystal!) and draws pictures, then she is so independent as she faces Mrs. Avery alone.

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