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This user has taken a hike

Phoenician is temporarily taking a break from LGPedia due to LG15 & KM ending and will probably return by . . . well, hopefully soon, at least I hope to haunt this site now that it's back online :).


First Appearance
Last Appearance
Phoenix, AZ (12/26/2006)
Los Angeles, CA (9/23/2008)
Person information
Age 23
Birthday (Pieces)
A Few of My Favorites Things
LG Episodes: I Know What Boys Like, Sweating Bullets, 4 Girls, 2 Guys
KM Episodes: Money in the bank, Brighton Beach
Fan Videos: Wanker?!? "lonelygirl" Party in the Breeniverse (seriously, TEARS)
Color: Maroon

Phoenician a.k.a Pheon is a random contributer in the LGPedia. (Oy, this 3rd person-voice thing is crazy to keep up!)

Besides lonelygirl15, I enjoy many television shows (Gargoyles, Seinfeld, House M.D., South Park, Pretty Little Liars, and Burn Notice are always faves, but I also loved Kim Possible, 24, Kyle XY, The Riches, and The Spectacular Spider-Man in their hey-days) as well as many books (Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events have consumed many a summer, but I also LOVE Roddy Doyle's Henry Smart series.) and movies (seriously, movie theatres are like a second home for me).

I was also a fan of quarterlife, WeNeedGirlfriends, and Prom Queen back when they all first hit the web. I also love comic strips (Luann and Pearls Before Swine will always be faves); at any given point in time you could find me reading over 40 of them daily . . . in hindsight, I find it funny that some of my most favorite forms of story telling (online videos and comic strips) are some of the fastest and slowest evolving of mediums . . . .

Oh, and here's a fun fact for the kiddies: My YouTube account is actually as old as the Grillz video (though I didn't start watching LG15 until later that summer)!

My LGPedia Activities

When I was active during the days that LG15 aired, I kept an eye on many of the character pages on this site. No doubt the pages that recieved the most attention were the Video Blog Summaries for the latest episodes. However, I noticed that many of the character pages (especially the Trio's) were written with their most basic and oldest of information, not taking into account the most recent of events. So that's where I first started to lend a hand. :)

LG15 introduced me to all-nighters before any final paper did, lol

Of all the character pages, I would have to say that I've worked with Sarah's, Alex's, Bree's, and Daniel's the most. I've played with others, but those were the ones I think I did something significant.

I also helped out with the article, Then and Now: A Look Back at Lonelygirl15 Through Time for the one year anniversary of Bree's first Blog.

I've added songs to the LG15 Soundtrack. Not a difficult task really, but hey, someone had to do it . . . I guess.

In the fall of 2007, I took a hiatus from the LGPedia simply because I wasn't able to keep pace with the latest videos (what with tests, essays, and real life in general), so I didn't visit in an attempt to remain unspoiled. In December that year however, I finally managed to catch up (120 vids in roughly four and half hours, good Lord). Trust me, if you are a fan of this show, do not do the same thing because beleive me, I won't fall that far behind again!

In 2008, I was busy here and there continuing to work on several character pages (Jennie and Gina significantly), as well as many of the Order's fronts, including the Hymn of One, the Hart Study, and the Lullaby Project. I also tried my best to be of some help in the Mighty FanFic Revamp. And then KateModern ended with only two seasons under its belt . . . and then lonelygirl15 quickly followed, taking everybody (i.e., ME) by surprise.

My Thoughts Since I've Been on a Hike

lonelygirl15 and KateModern have been over for almost three years, and it doesn't take much to get me to think about the series and the wonderful time I had editing here. I made some great friends while editing (Zoey & Jonpro you'll always rock) and even elsewhere in the fandom, and there are countless others that helped build this site to the awesomeness it was when I got first showed up and continue to make it awesome after I effectively 'retired.'

I think what makes me most sad that these two series never got to enjoy the fullest extant we've seen in latest "web-olutions" . . . these shows ended just before YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter became solidified as the big three of (for STILL-a-lack-of-a-better-term) "New Media."

What would have the Breeniverse been like if it continued to the modern day when even local and cable news use YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter posts? How would the TAAG have handled the reality that iPhones, Droids, and iPads effectively make video making and posting nearly instantaneous? Would the show have dared to tackle Chatroulette? Would Tosh.0 ever throw a few cracks or a web redemption our way? I'm afraid that the world might never know . . . .

Lastly, (and certainly not least) I will always be a proud member of the Sarah Fan Club. I also still refer to calling out cap fever when I see it, and I'm always aware of the 436, even when out in public.

Outside the Breeniverse

Too Many Websites. . .

Joined 2003:

  • Gargoyles FiendSite (Ask Greg & the CR, I mainly edit at the GargWiki these days)
  • The Unofficial Unauthorized 24 Page (A mere reader, Inactive)

Joined 2004:

  • The 24-Archive (Offline, Inactive)
  • CTUsecure: Classified (Offline, Inactive)

Joined 2005:

  • (Inactive)
  • (Offline, Inactive)

Joined 2006:

  • TVRage.Com (Inactive)
  • YouTube (features the ONLY video I made for LG15 (concerning the finale), and I'm not even in it!)
  • PIXARPlanet.Com

Joined 2007:

  • The Wiki-24 (Inactive)
  • Bebo (Inactive)

Joined 2008:

  • Facebook (Not gonna link this one, recognizing the importance of what I'd refer to as P.Monkey's Law) ;)

Joined 2009:

  • Twitter (intentionally inactive, lol)

Joined 2010:

  • TVTropes (. . . currently frequenting this site too these days)

My Userboxes

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