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Daniel carries Alex to the ocean

Fans note that there are many references relating water, in particular swimming, boating, and the ocean, with danger. It is not clear whether, or how, this motif will affect future plot developments.

This page details the known linkages between the motif of water and danger.

Bree and Water

Daniel and Water

  • In Bree's Dad Is Dead immediatly after Drew Avery is killed we see Daniel reminiscing about him while filming the ocean and the coast line, referencing the water motif.
  • In Beach Bum Daniel is shown near water, right before the arrival of Aunt Alex, who later turns out to be working for the Order.

Watchers and Water

A watcher?

Gemma and Water

  • Gemma's flat contains a picture over her bed depicting waves crashing violently against a rocky shore.
It was featured in the 1904 Olympics. It requires participants to dive into the pool,
remain rigid, and float as far as they could. And they could not draw a single breath. 
I have this visual in my head of these logs just bobbing about like bumper cars.

Outside of the context of water and danger as linked motifs, Gemma's remark seems highly irrelevant. Given this context, her account of Plunge for the Distance takes on a more sinister air, conjuring up the image of floating dead bodies. It is possible, though highly speculative, that this is foreshadowing of an LG15 disaster at sea.

  • Gemma also mentions The Miller's Tale, by Chaucer, in Someone's Following You. The principal plot development of The Miller's Tale is that a character is deceived through phoney prophecy of an impending flood of Biblical proportions.

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Jonas and the Sea

The most concrete associations between water and danger come from Jonas's blogs.

Jonas frolicking in the water.
  • Jonas is an avid sailor and, as he implies in Trust Issues, is attracted to sailing precisely because of his thrill-seeking love of the dangers involved. He describes a dangerous day's sail during a small craft advisory, "This thing was...like the most badass roller coaster you can imagine."
  • One of the clearest links between the water motif and danger is demonstrated by the fate of Jonas's parents. In Happy Thanksgiving, Jonas reveals that his parents were lost at sea while sailing along Longitude 140. Presumably, they drowned.
  • General Firstsayer speculated that because Jonas is associated with the sea, associations with the water motif may apply to him as well, "When calm, the sea is beautiful, enticing, and full of opportunity. But when storms hit, the ocean becomes dangerous, unpredictable, and offers doom." Such speculation might conclude that Jonas is a potentially volatile and dangerous character.
  • In the video Mr. Park Ranger Jonas is seen by a lake, where he said he collapsed because of everything that was going on with Bree, Alex, his parents, and Daniel and Sarah
  • Jonas washes his car in Hey Dad after learning his parents are alive.
  • In Escape to London Jonas tells everyone he is sneaking off to London in front of the sea.

Sarah and Water

  • In Everybody Does It ;) Sarah implies that she has had sex on or near a washing machine, which uses water. What this means is unclear, especially for Daniel, who may not be the only one satisfying Sarah's needs at the moment.
  • In Rockin' the Boat Sarah and Daniel are seen spending time near a lake in a park. A few short videos later Sarah told Daniel off, saying he was too "clingy".
  • In All Wet Sarah drops important research papers into the water, damaging them.