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In the Paulmark18 video "Tales From the Minibar, Paul sports a very Bree-like wound. Could it be Epogen?
In the [[Paulmark18]] video [[Tales From the Minibar]], [[Paul]] sports a very Bree-like wound. Could it be Epogen?
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Bree's bandage

Bree suspiciouly continues to sport a bandage on her arm even after alleging that she completed the ceremony.

Bree's injections became the subject of a great deal of debate since the video House Arrest, in which Bree is wearing a bandage because she had to receive an injection. Bree did comment on YouTube that she had to get an injection, but she she did not say why. The bandage continues to appear in videos when she is wearing sleeveless shirts, such as the video The Ceremony Is Tomorrow :). She eventually reveals that the injections are part of her preparation for the ceremony, along with the diet, the pills, her studies of Enochian and her training with Lucy.

Bree later says in I Listened To Daniel "my dad's been giving me these shots, and when I ask him what they are he says that they're good for me. I mean...I don't really think he even knows what they are." Bree said the shots didn't always leave her "feeling the best".

In the video I Completed The Ceremony, Bree is again wearing a bandage. It alerted fans and Daniel to the fact that she might still be receiving injections. This led to speculation that she had not completed any ceremony and continued to prepare for the real ceremony. In I Lied To Daniel, Bree confesses that the ceremony that Daniel filmed was fake.

Vitamin B-12

For a long time the leading theory was that the injections contained vitamin B-12 to stimulate blood production. If this were the case, Bree's participation in the ceremony would likely involve blood being drawn from her. Bree's preparation for the ceremony also requires her to take iron supplements, which also aid in the production of blood. In this sense, it's logical to think that the shots may contain vitamin B-12. However, Bree has described that these shots often leave her feeling unwell, which should not be the case if they are merely vitamin B12 supplements.

Cerebyx® and Zosyn®

Daniel found these in Bree's parents room.

After Daniel posted the video Back At Bree's, fans began to analyse his clip for clues about Bree's ceremony. Two pamphlets caught viewers' eyes. They were on what seemed to be Bree's parents' bed. As Daniel was exploring, he panned his camera across the bed, producing only some blurry shots of the covers of these pamphlets. Fans claim to have identified that they are informative pamphlets for the drugs Cerebyx® and Zosyn®. Cerebyx® is an anticonvulsive medication that has had some experimental testing as a pain medication.<ref>Wikipedia article on Cerebyx®</ref> Zosyn® is an antibiotic.<ref>Wikipedia article on Zosyn®</ref>

At the end of his video, Daniel said he had found something, but he does not reveal what it was. Many viewers thought he would eventually reveal these pamphlets. In his next video, Undisclosed Location, Daniel explains that what he found was a box with a lemniscate imprinted on it. Once he showed that it was the box that held significance to him, the pamphlets became of less importance. It is unlikely that he would have noticed the box and not the pamphlets, so it's likely that he saw them but did not think they were important. Bree's father is a doctor, and probably has many more marketing materials from drug companies strewn about the bedroom other than the ones seen in the video.

It should also be kept in mind that Daniel is filming in a real home. As such, there are things in the house that belong to the true owners of the house. It is known that the house is owned by a friend of one of the Creators and he is a doctor himself. This was revealed in a YouTube fan video when Calphillips knocked on the door and began to question the man who owned the house. There is a very real possibility that these pamphlets are literature present for the usage of the actual owner of the house.


Daniel shows what he found in the warehouse.

Daniel finds boxes of EPOGEN® in a warehouse that he visits in his video Breaking And Entering. He believes the warehouse belongs to a company where Bree's father used to work. Daniel found out about this company after he explored Bree's house and came across the box with a lemniscate symbol imprinted on it. When he finds a room in the warehouse filled with these boxes, he opens one to find packets of EPOGEN®. He immediately suspects that Bree's injections must have contained this drug and later does some research on it. Daniel's findings leave him confused as to why Bree would be given this substance. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to consider the possibility that this is just one of the many medications stored in this company's warehouse. This is very likely due to the severe time constraints of the Vlog format, requiring the characters to get to the main focus with few distractions. With this in mind, it is very likely that the Creators intend for us to know that it is indeed EPOGEN® that Bree has been injected with. There does also exist the possibility that this is intentional misdirection to lead the viewer to the wrong conclusion for the time being, however, this is unlikely based on all of the evidence currently available.

A vial.
EPOGEN® is an injectable drug for the treatment of anemia. It contains epoetin alfa, a man-made version of erythropoietin, which is a protein produced naturally for the production of red blood cells. It is produced through recombinant DNA technology. EPOGEN® therapy may increase the risk of seizures, thrombotic events, and other serious events. The most commonly reported side effects in clinical trials were hypertension, headache, arthralgias, and nausea.<ref name=EPOGEN>Wikipedia article on EPOGEN®</ref>

EPOGEN® is meant for use in patients with chronic renal failure on dialysis.<ref name=EPOGEN/> Bree does not fit this profile, which indicates that she must not be receiving the drug merely because she is anemic, but rather because there is a serious need to increase her red blood cell count for some other reason. This usage might suggest preparation for a blood-letting ritual in the ceremony (as in the case of Vitamin B-12). The iron pills would also help her in this regard. The risk of seizures brought on by use of EPOGEN® could explain why Bree's parents had information on Cerebyx on hand (and possibly some in stock). The side effects of EPOGEN® would also explain why Bree says that her injections don't always leave her feeling the best.

Other suggestions

Viewers have also suspected that the injections contain mood-altering drugs.


<references/> In the Paulmark18 video Tales From the Minibar, Paul sports a very Bree-like wound. Could it be Epogen?

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