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Dudley did it! The Confession
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Jamie Turner, Stuart White, Gavin Rowe

Videos with Cameraman

Cameramen, when interpreted loosely, have appeared in nearly every episode of Lonelygirl15 and KateModern, the characters themselves being the camera people. On a more specific view, Cameramen are professionals who get paid for what they film, often following around Reporters, and taking part in entertainment or journalism. The cameramen seen in KateModern are of both varieties. A cameraman, Dave (not to be confused with Dave, Patricia Neilson's cameraman) filmed live, on the scene footage from Kate's art show at Second Space Gallery. At Sophie's request, he agrees to give her a copy of his tape of the event. Later on, a cameraman is seen working at The Pantene Shoot, where he adjusts the lighting and photographs a model using the products. Dave and Nikki's mom are cameramen who follow around a reporter, and are rarely, if at all, seen on camera.

According to a comment left on Zoey's Bebo profile, Sophie also has a cameraman friend named Dave, who is different than the other Dave's seen on camera. When Sophie goes to live events, she often brings him along so that she can "keep [her] hands free without missing any of the action." [1]

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