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Ceremony Baby
Ceremony Baby.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
Robbing the Cradle They'll Do Anything
Character information
Age Infant
Trait Positive
Portrayed by Unknown

A Ceremony Baby is a newborn who potentially may be a candidate for the Ceremony.


Humorous Origins

Ceremony Baby? Groundwork for plot twist in 2023?

The concept of "ceremony babies" was first discussed by fans following release of the video She's Missing (May 9, 2007). It was speculated (as humor) that a woman apparently pushing a baby stroller in the background (at approximately :55 into the video), had a "Ceremony Baby," meaning a newborn chosen to do the ceremony in the future. It was further speculated (as humor) that if it was a Ceremony Baby, the so-called Homeless Watcher seen at 0:05 of Warwalking (Dec. 4, 2006) was the father. Similarly, when the cry of a baby was heard in My Dad Died Too (July 4, 2007), some joked about whether the cry belonged to a Ceremony Baby, other conjectured that the Ceremony Baby may in fact be a moonchild.

Subsequent Plot Developments

In Robbing the Cradle (Sept. 21, 2007), the first actual sighting of a real Ceremony Baby as part of the lonelygirl15 plot occurred. Subsequent videos developed the story line of potentially having Daniel and others try to rescue a Ceremony Baby from the Order. In Behind The Bushes (October 11, 2007), Daniel and Sarah refused to take part in Sonia's plan to kidnap a Ceremony Baby.

However in They'll Do Anything, Jonas and Daniel help Sonia attack the Ceremony Baby's home and take her. It is unclear whether or not they have the actual baby, and it is also unknown what Sonia did to the baby's family when she disappeared into the house alone and came out with the carrier.

This Ceremony Baby was seen being left somewhere at the end of They'll Do Anything. Most fans speculate that she was left at a hospital, but there was no evidence of this in the video.

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