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Charlie's office



Charlie's office is at a public relations company located above the Michiko Koshino studio on Broadwick Street in London. She has been known to blog, chat and send text messages while pretending to work. In Flatmate, Charlie appears to be, not only at a new desk, but an entirely different office. This was since confirmed in March, 2008, when the exact location of Charlie's office was discovered, half a city away from Brushfield Street, where it had been known to be near in Season One. The move was presumably caused due to the KateModern Production team moving to a new office in late October of 2007.

In January, 2008, it was revealed that Charlie's boss was sacked for trying to steal the photocopy machine. (Exactly how he would have accomplished this is left to the imagination.) Charlie was promoted to his position, and continues to vlog, but no longer pretends to work while doing so.

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