LG15: The Last

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LG15: The Last
Created by Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Chasina Catherine Williams
Mitch Tom Mesker
Leigh Jessica Shipley
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
Antonia Samantha Carr
Bray James Olds
Sibylla Unknown Actress
Xavier Andrew Strouthos
Production Crew
Directors Samantha Carr
Emily Rose Robinson
Andrew Strouthos
Catherine Williams
Assistant Director Dominic O'Connell
Executive Producers EQAL
Producers Samantha Carr
Emily Rose Robinson
Andrew Strouthos
Catherine Williams
Production Designer Dominic O'Connell
Production Assistants Samantha Carr
Director of Photography Tom Judd
Andrew Strouthos
Camera Operators Andrew Strouthos
Editors Andrew Strouthos
Writers Samantha Carr
Emily Rose Robinson
Andrew Strouthos
Catherine Williams
Vidplays by Andrew Strouthos
Music Supervisors Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects Dominic O'Connell
LG15: The Last Portal
List of LG15: The Last videos

LG15: The Last (also known simply as The Last) is a fictional webdrama produced by Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams which premiered on January 19th, 2009 and went on hiatus on July 28th, 2009, with the final episodes slated to premiere in June 2010 but ultimately never materializing. It is the fifth LG15 show, and was the first not produced by EQAL. The series was the winner of the first season of LG15: The Show is Yours.

LG15: The Last is set in Sydney. The original premise revolved around the last four trait positive girls in Australia - Chasina Wilson, Leigh Taylor, Jayde Cooper, and Antonia Moore - and their stuggle to escape from the Order and somehow lead normal lives. Halfway through the series, villain Sibylla Weave was introduced, and regularly chatted with and taunted fans on LG15.com.

Originally slated to only last eight weeks, two more weeks were ordered by EQAL and difficulty in production caused the series to have several hiatuses during its run.

Cast of characters

  • Catherine Williams as Chasina Wilson, a trait positive girl who has overcome a self-destructive lifestyle and leads the fight against the Order.
  • Tom Mesker as Mitch Evans, Chasina's persuasive boyfriend who is willing to overlook the flaws of his friends.
  • Jessica Shipley as Leigh Taylor, a youngest trait positive girl who is forced to abandon her luxurious lifestyle upon learning it is all a lie.
  • Emily Rose Robinson as Jayde Cooper, the trait positive daughter of a Deacon who isn't afraid to say what she is thinking.
  • Samantha Carr as Antonia Moore, an intelligent trait positive Hymn of One member with little real world life experience.
  • James Olds as Bray Johnson, a bartender whose self-righteous attitude begins to falter while fighting against the Order.
  • Unknown Actress as Sibylla Weave, a mysterious entity working on the side of the Order who tears the group apart from the inside.
  • Andrew Strouthos as Xavier Weave, Sibylla's twin brother who befriended Jayde and began working against the group with Sibylla.

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