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List of Characters in LG15: Outbreak

Main Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Gregory Austin McConnell

A Former Ally of TAAG who will stop at nothing to obtain a normal life.


Portrayed by: Dani Martin

A former art student from a dark place and a bright outlook on the future.


Portrayed by: Lance Little

A socially challenged computer programmer with good intentions and a big heart.

Emma Flowers 1-cropped.jpg

A former ally and love interest of Mason with concerns for his safety.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and (for the most part) do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Alexandra Dreyfus

Taylor's older sister who acted as a mole for the Order inside TAAG for years.

Mason's pet cat who has a hard time spotting mice.

Portrayed by: Gregory Austin McConnell

The Narrator of an advertisement for Sacred Spirit.

Portrayed by: Craig Coyne

A deceased member of the Hymn of One and an enemy of TAAG

Portrayed by: Melanie Merkosky

A member of TAAG often mentioned by Mason in his early blogs.

Portrayed by: Jackson Davis

The former leader of the Resistance who was captured by the Order in 2008.

Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

Bree's best friend and a member of the Hymn of None.

Portrayed by: Crystal Young

A friend of Emma's who was killed by the Order back in 2008.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Hired security personnel.

Portrayed by: Melissa Kite

The former president of Verdus Pharmaceuticals

Portrayed by: Gregory Austin McConnell

A man who tried to kill Mason in March 2008.

Portrayed by: Jessica Lee Rose

A lonely girl who died at the hands of the Order.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Men in black suits who protect trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Employees at the local coffee shop.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Law enforcement in the town.

Portrayed by: Raegan Payne

A member of the Hymn of One whose true allegiance remains unclear.

Portrayed by: Amanda Goodfried

Bree's "Helper" who hunted TAAG and later the Hymn of None.

Portrayed by: Maxwell Glick

A Scientist who tried desperately to save Bree in her final days.

Portrayed by: Becki Kregoski

A Texas Soccer Player whose allegiance has recently come into doubt.

Portrayed by: Shannon Solomon

A decoy trait positive girl used by the Order to lure in Bree.

Portrayed by: Greg Goodfried

Protected Bree from harm so that she would be able to do the ceremony.

Portrayed by: Jessica Johnston

An ally of the Resistance with questionable allegiance.

Portrayed by: Jordan Bush

An ally of the Resistance whom Crystal finds adorable.

Portrayed by: Mitchell Wright

A new online friend of Crystal who goes great lengths to help the Resistance.

Unseen Characters

There are a number of unseen characters that seen characters have mentioned, but have never been seen on screen, and are not video bloggers. Due to the mysterious nature of the plot, some of these people may not actually exist.

A moderator in the live LG15 chat in 2008.

Jonas's aunt and an old ally of TAAG.

An OpAphid agent Mason accidentally mistakes for an ally.

A watcher who became an ally to TAAG.

A shadow who tried to hunt down TAAG.

Gives Will Crystal's contact information.

The previous tenants who lived in Crystal's apartment.

Crystal's boyfriend from Full Sail who became clingy towards the end of their relationship.

A mole for the Resistance who offers to help Mason rescue Crystal.

A mysterious entity who murders LaFleur and steals his online identity.

Mason's girlfriend who was murdered by the Order.

An M.I.A. leader of the Resistance.