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Francis LaFleur
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At The Docks... At The Docks...
Character information
Age Deceased
Date of Death March 2nd, 2010
Place of Origin France-Flag.png France
LG15 10680
Portrayed by Gregory Austin McConnell (voice)
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Videos with Francis LaFleur

Francis LaFleur (also known as the original eyeseeyou) was a mole for the European Resistance inside SHENtek whose cover was blown around February 3, 2010. After Crystal is abducted, he contacts Mason and Will through a video, sending them a warning about The Order, and offered to help them locate and rescue Crystal. While Mason initially declines this offer, his original plan of tracking Crystal's necklace fails, and he decides to meet eyeseeyou in the Park. He doesn't show up, and instead Mason finds an information ship with a shipping bill stored on it.

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