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Evelyn Atkins

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Evelyn Atkins is the mother of Maddison Atkins.

Evelyn, or Evie as she is referred to by her husband's is the wife of Gregory Atkins and the mother of Maddison. Her first name is actually Maddison as well. Gregory reveals this in the video comments of the video Coffee? stating in a comment to community member JenniPowell "Hello Jenni. Is Jenni short for Jennifer. Maddison was almost a Jennifer for a good month there, but in the end, we named her after her mom. Who has always gone by her middle name Evelyn. "

Mrs. Atkins has suffered severely in the loss of her daughter. She appears to be suffering from symptoms of "complicated grief" which often follows traumatic loss, and has severe psychological affects. Gregory Atkins touches on this in the video Coffee? Where he talks about having to put her in a chair, making it seem like she needs a fair amount of physical as well as emotional care.

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