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First Appearance Last Appearance
Enter The FTO Paranoid Past
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Jimmy White, Adnan Khan

Videos with Waiter

Waiters, Waitresses, and Busboys have played a variety of Roles in the LG15 Universe.

A waiter works at the same restaurant in London as Ola. He waits on Rafał and Magda, who begin shouting at him in Polish halfway through the service. Ola intervenes on his behalf because he doesn't understand Polish and she does. He is later seen partaking in Ola's birthday celebration, along with a fellow waitress.

A Restaurant Server was seen waiting on Jayde Cooper while she was reviewing an official-looking document. When the wind blows the fortm off her table, the server retrieves it, and is puzzled by Jayde's behavior and what the paper says.

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