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LG15 in Topanga Canyon - NBR 1 Fictionality
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Alli Danziger, Angela Harp, Hazel Grian, Kelly Brett, T'Nia Miller, Marcello Daciano, Sophie Morris, Gordon Smart

Videos with Reporters

Reporters have shown up in various LG15 videos. The first Reporter we are introduced to is Nikki Bower, who is investigating Bree and her friends and posting her discoveries on YouTube. Later on, a guest at Rebecca's party named Beth is revealed to be a reporter. A character from KateModern - Patricia - was a reporter until what she was investigating got her fired.

A reporter gets live, on the scene footage from Kate's art show at Second Space Gallery. She is impressed by the reclusive Michelle Clore, and is shocked when a shot is fired at the show.

A reporter was present for the press conference during which a partnership between the Hymn of One, the Wyman Foundation, and Verdus Pharmaceuticals. After the floor was opened for questions, she asked "What brought about the partnership?"

Another reporter allegedly sent Jonas and Dr. Calvin Hart a note suggesting that they meet up so that he could print a story exposing Verdus Pharmaceuticals. When Jonas and Dr. Hart responded to the note, though, they found that it wasn't the reporter, but thugs from Verdus, who subsequently kidnapped Dr. Hart.

Jonas eventually met up with the real reporter, who was extremely confused, as he did not send the note. Jonas spoke with him about posting an article exposing the Order, but the reporter said that without Dr. Hart, they had no story, as they lacked concrete evidence. Jonas then suggested that he write a story about Dr. Hart's disappearance, but the reporter called Verdus, who said that Dr. Hart had been relocated and was fine. Because of this, the reporter could not write a story on that topic either.

A few months later in London, a reporter interviewed Rupert Van Helden at his book signing. She asked him what he had to "say to the critics of the Hymn of One who accuse [the religion] of preying on the weak and the vulnerable."

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