Use of sex in lonelygirl15

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Sexual themes have become more prevalent as TAAG members mature and their relationships become more complex. Many speculate that it is to drive viewership, though it has never been proven. This brings to mind the old adage, "Sex sells.", a well known and proven maxim of marketing. As the sex drive is one of the strongest motivating factors, it is something that all of us relate to on a primal level. With this in mind, it is realistic that a story about the lives of young adults would show some influence of sex upon them, as any observation of young adults in the real world would yield.

Use of Sexual Themes include:

  • Suggestive episode titles
  • Partial nudity or cleavage, especially as thumbnails
  • Suggestive dialogue.

Sarah's "conversation skills"

Join in on the conversation!

Sarah's conversation skills are a reference to the continued usage of her sexuality to distract men for the good of the TAAG's missions.

Jonas takes his shirt off

The significance is unclear, but fans sure appreciate it when Jonas shows off his lovely chest muscles!

Mallory sabotages her life

Is Mallory such a monster? After all, she learned from the best!