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Redearth88 Characters

Main Characters
Star white on red.gif
Star white on red.gif

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Sara E. R. Fletcher

A girl who is someone of interest that certain people are looking for.


Portrayed by: April Rickman

A student at SFA who is doing her senior thesis on Maddison Atkins.


Portrayed by: Unknown

A fallen leader with a special interest in Rachel.


Portrayed by: Unknown

Enemy of OpAphid. Undercover as Aly Zarin to protect Rachel.

Supporting Characters
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Star white on red.gif

These supporting characters have been seen in many of the videos. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.


Portrayed by: Glenn Rubenstein

Tachyon's partner who is sometimes considered slow.


Portrayed by: Unknown

An associate of OpAphid who was stalking Maddison Atkins.

Zipp icon.jpg

Portrayed by: Unknown

Mysterious person who sent Maddison Atkins drops & puzzles.


Portrayed by: Himself

Editor of the Pine Log who helps Clara make her documentary.


Portrayed by: Brad Maule

Father of Maddison Atkins who is financing Clara's documentary.


Portrayed by: Maya Kramer

An online friend of Maddison who is helping Clara with her thesis.


Portrayed by: Unknown

A mysterious person who sends a message to Linc and Clara.

Former Characters
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Star white on red.gif

For a variety of reasons, these once main, but now former characters, no longer appear in the series.


Portrayed by: Jackie Jandrell

An OpAphid Agent who was assigned to Infiltrate the TAAG.


Portrayed by: Faye Austin

A girl who was killed under mysterious circumstances.


Portrayed by: Jason Zednick

Maddison's best friend who was killed alongside her.

Joel Frady.jpg

Portrayed by: Jason McRoberts

The man who supposedly killed Maddison and Adam.


Portrayed by: Liam Reilly

A former OpAphid agent who tried to protect Rachel.

Guest Characters
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Star white on red.gif

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and (for the most part) do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Amanda Goodfried

A former associate of OpAphid who was "helping" Bree.

Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

A lovesick friend of Bree who was kidnapped by OpAphid.

Portrayed by: Jeremy Terrell

One of Joel Frady's arresting officers. Clara interviewed him for her documentary.

Portrayed by: Jeromy Barber

A guard at the jail Joel Frady was held at.

Portrayed by: Jason Milliken

The Nacogdoches County DA. Clara interviews him for her documentary.

Portrayed by: Lisa Lalumandier

Ex-wife of Joel Frady who Clara interviews for her documentary.

Portrayed by: Brian "B-Mac" Christopher

Best friend of Joel Frady.

Portrayed by: Jeromy Barber

A Man who attends church at 677 Dickinson Rusk.