Very Important Lee

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Episode 257/2x102
Very Important Lee

Why didn't Roy want to touch my hand?

Blogger Lee
Date Posted May 11th, 2008
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Length 7:38
Description This was quite possibly the greatest day of my life.
Location(s) Radio 1's Big Weekend
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Lee
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Luke Hyams
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Lee Sam Donovan
Lauren Emma Pollard
Scouting for Girls Scouting for Girls
Annie Mac Annie Mac
Nick Grimshaw Nick Grimshaw
Megan Megan Carver
Charlie Tara Rushton
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Very Important Lee is the two-hundred fifty-seventh webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the one-hundred second video of season two.


Lee: So here we are at the Radio 1 Big Weekend, and it's going to be very exciting 'cause Scouting For Girls are here and we're gonna have the best day of our entire lives!

Lauren: Hey, Lee, can you take this a minute?

Lee: Okay, give it here. (Takes the camera and turns it toward Lauren.)

Lauren: So how do I look?

Lee: You look lovely, Lauren. You always look lovely.

Lauren: Aww, thanks. Listen. Can you try, you know, not to do anything to embarrass us today?

Lee: Do anything embarrassing?

Lauren: I just want to have a fun day out, yeah?

Lee: You want to have a fun day out? Well, you try not doing anything embarrassing.

Lauren: Look, just, like, act normal?

Lee: Listen, Lauren, you need to remember that I'm quite important around these parts. I've been to Radio 1. I know Scouting For Girls. I know Grimmy. Don't show me up.

Lauren: Alright, alright. Fine.

(Lauren takes the camera from Lee.)

Lee: Yeah? Okay, well let's go.

Lauren: Fine then.

Lee: (Skipping.) Let's have a brilliant time! Woohoohoo! (Clicks his heels in the air.)

Lauren: Oh, god...

Lee: I reckon I can get us in because I know Grimmy, I know Scouting For Girls, been here before, and I think they're probably gonna recognize me, anyway. Just come with me. Just this way.

(Lee tries to push past a crowd steward.)

Steward: No, you can't come in here.

Lee: Can't come in?

Steward: No, you've got to have a pass.

Lauren: Lee, tell them that you know them or something.

Lee: Uh, I know- I know Scouting For Girls? (Cut to Lee walking to the queue.) 'Scuse me, has anyone seen Scouting For Girls anywhere?

Woman: Oh, yeah!

Lee: "She's so lovely"... You like them, don't you? Oh, she likes them! She- Oh, she likes them, too.

Lauren: Lee, can we please try and get in another way?

Lee: I think she fancies me! Do you know where Scouting For Girls are?

Girl: They're over there.

Lee: Over there? Oh my god, it's Scouting For Girls! Quick! (Cut to Lee shouting to the band from behind crowd control.) Roy! Roy! Roy, hi! Remember me? Remember me?

Lauren: Oh, god... Oh, god, he is such a bellend.

Lee: Roy, it's me! We met at Radio 1. Roy! (Cut to a view of the band talking to reporters.) Roy! Roy! Roy! Roy! I don't know why he's ignoring me... Roy!

Lauren: Lee, we can't go through there.

Lee: Roy!

Lauren: What a bellend!


(Everyone screams as they run through the park. Lee giggles and runs away from Lauren.)

Lauren: Lee, wait! Wait! Calm down, Lee! Calm down...

Lee: Oh, Lauren, Lauren. Look what I've got. Do-do-do! (Lee pulls a microphone from behind his back.)

Lauren: What's that?

Lee: It's a microphone from JTV. Going to be worth something one day. We can use it to speak to people. Come on.

(Lee approaches a woman in the crowd.)

Lee: Hiya! I'm Lee Phillips from JustIncredible.TV. You might recognise me.

Woman: Right...

Lee: Do you?

Woman: No.

(Cut to Lee talking to another woman.)

Lee: Do you love Roy?

Woman: Shutup.

Lee: You're blushing.

(Cut to Lauren talking to a man.)

Lauren: Do you like Scouting For Girls?

Man: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah? Oh, you do? (Cut to Lauren walking away.) He looks just like me dad, he does.

(Cut to Lee approaching more women.)

Lee: Hi, uh, I'm Lee Phillips from JustIncredible.TV. I don't know if you recognise me.

Woman: No.

Lee: It's quite famous, but no... But, um, probably the hat. (Cut to the woman kissing Lee on the cheek.) Do you have a boyfriend?

Woman: Yes.

Lee: Oh.

(Cut to Lee singing "She's So Lovely" with a couple. Cut to Lee running towards Annie Mac.)

Lee: Look! Lauren, look! That's Annie Mac! You know Annie Mac? She's got her own show! (Cut to Lee on his knees in front of Annie Mac.) Will you please, Miss Mac--?

Annie: I'm really sorry, there's nothing I can do about that. Maybe I can get you some sort of a tee shirt.

Lee: Tee shirt?

Annie: Yeah. (Takes a tee shirt from her assistant and hands it to Lee.) Take it.

Lee: Oh, wow. (Lee giggles as he takes off his shirt.) This is brilliant! Look at this! Look at this!

(Cut to Lee walking in the new tee shirt.)

Lee: Quick, Lauren, they're doing a signing. They're doing a signing! (Runs to the autograph tent and is blocked by security.) Roy! Roy! Pardon me, could you have a word with your mate and just tell him that you know me? (The band laughs.) It's just- I know them; we're really good friends. We go way back, don't we, mate? We go back! Is it all right? Is it all right? Can I just-just-just sneak over..?

Security guard: No, you can't...

Lee: Maybe just try and climb over the fence-- I just- I-I just wanna go and... Roy! Roy, just tell him you know me! Roy!

Roy: Never seen him ever! (The band laughs.)

Lauren: You are such a knob. (Shakes her head.)

(Cut to Lee approaching the backstage area.)

Lee: This is gonna be absolutely brilliant!

Lauren: This is never gonna work...

Lee: No, listen: you just pretend that you're filming me!

Lauren: I am filming you, you moron!

Lee: Uh... Grimmy! Grimmy! Grimmy, hi, Grimmy!

Grimmy: Hi, man.

Lee: You all right?

Grimmy: I'm all right, how are you?

Lee: Great! Yeah, good. So who you looking forward to seeing today, Grimmy?

Grimmy: Um... Uh, I'm looking forward to seeing Vampire Weekend, Madonna, you know...

Lee: Yeah? They'll be good. Right, aren't they Grimmy?

Grimmy: Yeah.

Lee: That's great.

Grimmy: Uh, yeah.

Lee: That's great. Nice to see you again, Grimmy.

Grimmy: Where- Where have I met you before?

Lee: From Radio--

Grimmy: I don't know you.

Lee: Yeah you do, from Radio 1.

Grimmy: No.

Lee: Do you remember me?

Grimmy: I don't remember- No, I don't.

Lee: Oh, come on. You remember me, 'cause I was dressed as Elvis.

Grimmy: You were dre- The Elvis guy!

Lee: Yeah. Yeah, the Elvis guy.

Grimmy: What are you doing here?

Charlie: Grimmy, I've been looking for you everywhere. You're supposed to interview Adele. Let's go, come on. (Drags Grimmy away.)

Lee: Bye, Grimmy! Bye, Grimmy...

Lauren and Lee: Yes, we made it! (High five.)

Lee: This is brilliant. See, that's what you get when you hang around with a big media hot-shot like me. (Cut to Lee running in between trailers to the main stage.) This is so exciting, isn't it? You just don't know who's in one of these vans. Do you know? Like, Madonna could just be in the back of one of these vans. It's brilliant. Look! It's Roy! (The band laughs as Lee chases after Roy.) Roy! Roy! Roy! It's Roy! Roy! Quick! Roy's gone! No!

(Cut to Lee looking confused.)

Lee: I just don't get it. I just don't understand it. What've I done? I've done nothing wrong, but he keeps running away. Why would you do that to your friend? I don't know what I've done. L- Oh, Charlie!

Charlie: Hiya.

Lee: How are you doing?

Charlie: What are you guys doing here? How did you get in?

Lee: Well, just my natural Scouse charm, my dear.

Charlie: Oh, god...

Lee: No, we pretended we was working for JTV again. Look, 'cause I really wanted to see Scouting For Girls. You don't mind, do you?

Charlie: No, no, no.

Lee: Please let us stay and we'll be good. We'll be good, won't we?

Charlie: It's nice. I've just got off and we'll go have a look around.

Lee: Okay, quality. Oh! Where were you last night?

Charlie: I was here, unfortunately.

Lee: Yeah, because Gavin came round for dinner.

Lauren: Yeah, and Steve.

Charlie: Sa-

Lee: Yeah, and Gavin!

Charlie: Gavin and St- Why?

Lauren: We invited the both over.

Charlie: Both of them together?

Lauren: Yeah.

Lee: Come on. We'll go, we'll go.

Charlie: Okay. Cool.

(Charlie leads them to the main stage and dances in the crowd. Cut to a montage of them having fun at the events with fans. Cut to Lee backstage at the main stage. He motions for Lauren to be quiet.)

Lee: This is brilliant! We're backstage! This is great! Look! Look, it's Roy!

(Lauren pans to the stage to find Scouting For Girls performing.)

Lee: It's Roy on the stage! This is amazing! This is amazing! Look! (The band finishes the song and the crowd cheers.) This is it! This is the Elvis song! This is the Elvis song! It's me in my wig and glasses!

(Cut to a montage of the band playing and Lee dancing along backstage. The cheers as they finish. Cut to Lee as the band is leaving the stage.)

Lee: Whoo! I'm gonna speak to them now, Lauren! When they come off, I'm gonna speak to them! Here they come! Woowoowoo! Woow! Here comes the band! (A security guard pushes Lee back.) No! Wait, wait! Roy! Roy! No! No! Roy! Wait! Roy, wait! Once! Just touch my- touch my hand! Roy, please, Roy! Please! Roy! Please! Roy, please! Please.

(Cut to Lee and Lauren getting kicked out of the tent.)

Security guard: Out! Out!

Lee: No! I don't want to! I don't- Tell him I love him!

Security guard: Out!

Lee: Tell him I love him!

(Cut to Charlie, Grimmy, Lauren, and Lee sitting in the grass together.)

Charlie: (Laughs.) I can't believe it when you tried to get on stage and the security guards went ape! You nut!

Lee: I don't understand why Roy didn't say he knew me, though.

Grimmy: Don't worry, I'm sure he's a big fan of your work. (Charlie laughs.)

Lee: Thanks, Grimmy.

Grimmy: Don't worry. He is.

Lee: Is he?

Grimmy: Yes! He told me. Yeah. Um, how did you all meet?

Charlie: Oh, well...

Grimmy: I just, uh...

Charlie: Basically, superfan over here was the work experience boy for my ex-boyfriend's software company... Yeah, that was until he stole their software and then got mixed up with gangsters and a secret faction of a religious cult.

Lauren: Yeah, and I know her because she was trying to protect me from being kidnapped from the same people when I got made trait positive by this fake drug trial-thingy.

Grimmy: Okay.

Charlie: Yeah...

Grimmy: Okay, yeah, that's great. Um, I think I need to go because... you're quite odd, aren't you?

Lee: Grimmy, stay. Stay, don't go.

Grimmy: No, it's okay. It's okay.

Lee: Grimmy...

Grimmy: I've got to see Roy for a minute. Surf for birds. Bye.

Lauren: See ya.

Charlie: See ya, Grimmy!

Lee: I ca- Why did you go and do that?

Charlie: What? Oh, don't worry; you'll see him again.

Lee: Do you think so?

Charlie: Definitely.

Lee: Oh my god, there's Madonna. (Runs away.)


  • The title is a reference to Subservient Lee and possibly a pun on the phrase "Very Important Person".
  • Scouting For Girls laugh in every interaction they have with Lee.