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Phil Whelans
Portrays Justin
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Phil Whelans filmography

Phil Whelans is the actor who played the role of Justin in the KateModern webseries. A graduate of Middlesex University, Phil first gained prominence with the improvisation team "Theatresports" at the Donmar Warehouse and went on to do improv at comedy clubs all around the world.

His acting credits include "Punt and Dennis," "Stupid," "The Message," and "The Preston Front," all for the BBC, and his recent theater work includes Hunting for Diana. The production premiered at the Edinburgh Festival, where he also performs with the heavy rock tribute act, Beergut 100, with Bill Bailey and Kevin Eldon anually. In 2006 he directed the if.Comeddies Award winning show The Naked Racist starring Phil Nichol.

Phil has also written for a number of television shows throughout the years, including "Spitting Image," "The Joan Rivers Position" (Five), "Armstrong and Miller," and "The Big Breakfast." In 2007, he wrote the script for the presenters at Al Gore's "Live Earth" at Wembley Stadium, as well as projects for C4 Animation and Warners Comedy Box. He is currently performing with the sketch comedy group, "Pros From Dover" and writing the series Slabovia TV for Channel 4. Additionally, he presents a weekly podcast, "Stop! It's HammerTime" about West Ham United, which is available on iTunes.

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