Meryl Iona Edwards

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Meryl Iona Edwards
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KateModern: production runner
Portrays Cleaning woman, Meryl
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Age undisclosed
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Meryl Iona Edwards was a production runner for the webseries KateModern. This means she literally "runs around" getting props, refreshments, and camera equipment for the crew to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Additionally, did some animation for the series, starting with the video The Drugs Do Work.

Before getting involved with KateModern in late 2007 through an online job advertisement, Meryl had worked as a custodian of Beaumaris Castle in Wales, an Emporio Armani sales assistant, a Beautician, and a waitress. She also appeared as an extra in the video for Ben's Brother's single "Carry On."

Born in York, England, Meryl graduated from Huntington Sixth Form in 2003, where she earned her A-levels in Economy, Psychology, Media Studies, and General Studies. Then, in 2007, she finished graduate school at St. Andrews in Scotland with a degree in Philosophy.

Meryl's interests include filmmaking and film watching; her favorite movies include Gladiator, Scarface, Casablanca, and Lady and the Tramp. She also enjoys make-up artistry, life drawing, painting, sewing, swimming, shopping, and a number of different sports. She likes to listen to The Days, Kayne West, Shakira, and Radiohead and to watch 'Desperate Housewives," "The Simpsons," and "Queer as Folk" on television.

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