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First Appearance Last Appearance
Me...Jack Is That Blood??
Character information
Age 18
Date of Birth ("Capricorn")
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
LG15 10152
MySpace watchyourjack
Phone 310-949-9244
WhatWeird WatchYourJack
YouTube watchyourjack
Portrayed by Eddie Asher
List of Jack's blogs
Videos with Jack

Jack is the main character in the lonelygirl15 mini-series watchyourjack. He created his YouTube account on November 10th, 2007, and posted his first video on November 19th. Jack also had connections to Suzie and whatweird.


Early Problems

Jack enters the blogosphere.

Jack's troubles began when his brother was arrested and kicked out of the school they both attend. His parents are currently separated, and Jack rarely sees his father, so he is somewhat happy to see his father after he went to the jail to bail his brother out. His mother becamed concerned about Jack after his brother was arrested, so she made him have sessions with Mr. Davidson, the school therapist. Mr. Davidson concludes that Jack is depressed, and subscribes him some form of anti-depressant, which Jack couldn't care less about taking, though it seems to have the side effect of keeping him awake.

Jack says that he is interested in a career in watching security cameras, and specifically mentions the system Glasgow, Scotland, where, according to his Social Studies teacher, have surveillance camera on every alley and street corner so that the police can use the footage if a crime is committed. He goes as far as to say he'll do it for free, and goes out of his way to tell any people from Scotland who are watching again.

In his next blog, Jack talks about a boy at his school named Aaron who torments him and calls him Jaclyn, which Jack doesn't find the least bit amusing, though he stresses that the other kids do. He mentions that the previous year, Aaron had tied his shoe laces together while he was doing sit-ups in P.E. so when he got up, he fell, and everyone laughed. However, when Jack does it to him, nobody laughs, and Jack makes himself the target of Aaron and his friends (Although he says that ever since his brother's arrest, everyone's been messing with him).

Jumping into Trouble

Jack confused and dazed.

As Jack is being beat up the next day, he blacks out and winds up in his bedroom with no knowledge of anything in between. Jack attributes this to a belief that he may have teleported. However, he quickly dismisses the idea. For a second time, Jack is assaulted by Aaron and ends up in his room up again, and expresses his deep concern over the situation While Jack was figuring out his powers, Suzie, the administrator of whatweird.com, reached out to him and offered him a support line, also noting that her friend Sharon thinks he's cute. Jack is extremely conforted to know he is not alone, and uses the site as a resource to find out more about his ability, and uses the exercises on there to test his ability. Jack has since shown control over his newfound abilities and gets a "rush" sensation whenever he uses them. He determines than he can even take stuff with him when he teleports, although his backpack disapeared the first time he did it.

Meanwhile, Suzie is "contacted" by her dead grandmother and told to "Save Him" from "Paladins". Upon investigation, Suzie discovered that Paladins are people who have sworn to hunt down and kill all Jumpers (individuals who can teleport), as they believe that Jumpers can destroy the Universe. At the same time, Jack believes there is a man outside his house watching him, and becomes frightened for his safety. However, The guy stops following him soon after, and Jack turns his attention to other matters.

Jack's brother is arrested again, this time for stealing a car. His dad isn't able to bail him out this time, and he is forced to attend a hearing and be sentenced. Jack seriously considers using his ability to bust his brother out of jail, as there doesn't seem to be anyone regulating his ability. However, he ultimately decides not to, in part because forum members at whatweird found information classifying teleportation as harmful. He also admits that he had stood on the subway tracks and teleported just before they ran him over, resulting in him collapsing out of exhaustion.

Jack... meet Taylor

Jack contacted Taylor, over in Zavalla, Texas, via whatweird.com. Taylor admitted that she was skeptical, but was moved by Jack's sincerity and genuine fear over his predicament. She then warned Jack that real or not, he may be dealing with dangers that date back centuries and that no one knows how to combat. Jack doesn't seem to acknowledge her advice, however, as he is preoccupied with a tough situation he has gotten himself into. He says that a person who was injured in the robbery his brother pulled came forward, and that he would be going to jail for a long time. He decides to break his brother out of jail, but is concerned over the return of the Paladin that has been stalking him.

Jack jumps into Taylor's life.

Jack runs away to try to get away from the Paladin, and contacts Taylor via Skype. He asks her for help, citing her experience in fighting the Order and tells her that he had Google Earthed Zavalla and could see her town, only succeeding in freaking out Taylor and making her relieved when the connection cuts out. However, Jack teleports to Zavalla and meets up with Taylor, who finally believes that he is telling the truth. The meeting is cut short, however, by the arrival of the Paladin, and Jack and Taylor flee.

Taylor agreed to run away with Jack in an attempt to find safety. While she was getting supplies on their trip, however, Jack mysteriously disappeared, and his seat was covered with blood. He left behind his cell phone, which Taylor took to mean that he had left an important message in his voice mail for her, and she asked viewers to crack his password. His password was later discovered to be "pancakes", flipped (numerically), through the efforts of members of the forum and Nikki Bower. The message was a series of spliced audio clips of Samuel L. Jackson from the movie Jumper, and Taylor has since written off Jack as an overly obsessed fan, as did Suzie and Sharon.

Canon discussion

Jack was suspected to have been introduced as an official character on LG15 in November 2007. While his first videos make no reference to LG15, his videos were accepted as responses to LG15 videos on YouTube. He soon happened upon whatweird.com and mentioned it in a vlog, which in turn acknowledged his "shout out."

On December 10, 2007, Daniel posted a bulletin on the LG15 account asking people to check on Jack's videos:

Daniel said:

Okay so, this guy Jack. What's up with this kid? I've been looking at his videos again.. because there is basically nothing for me to do here and I'm trying to focus on anything but my life right now. Anyways I watched his stuff over the weekend and as wacky as it all sounds, the kid seems so sincere. Not that I have great experience with seeing people for what they really are. I'm not going to even say her name. I'm not. Changing topic back to Jack if you haven't already seen his videos, you should definitely check him out.



In the past, canonhood has been obtained when a character has been directly addressed in a video by a main character, as was the case for Gemma, Jonas, and Taylor. Taylor officially addressed Jack in the video Watch Me Balance.

It has been confirmed by Greg Goodfried that Jack is official and that the LG15 team are behind the watchyourjack videos, but his videos are not required to follow the LG15 plot. Jack appeared in person in Texas with Taylor in In Over Our Heads.

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