KateModern Week 18 Recap

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Episode KM018
KateModern Week 18 Recap

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Who's being subservient now?

Blogger Sophie
Date Posted November 27th, 2007
URL lg15.com
Length 7:18
Description Lee's Treasure Hunt took us all over London...but did we get the software back?
Location(s) Parliament Square, Waterloo Station, Waterloo Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Gavin and Charlie's flat, Seven Dials
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Recap
Music 'Pictures' by Sneaky Sound System and 'Circle' by Solace
Charlie Tara Rushton
Kate Alexandra Weaver
Tariq Jai Rajani
Gavin Ralf Little
Lee Sam Donovan
Julia Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty
Terrence Matthew Gammie
Gnome Mule Elizabeth Day
Tom Thomas Henderson
Jenna Jenna Altringham
Kate's Watcher Pete Gibbons
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KateModern Week 18 Recap is the recap episode for week 18 for the KateModern video series. It was uploaded to the KateModern site as video number 125.


(Various clips from KateModern are shown, with music playing in the background. The KateModern logo is eventually shown.)

Lee: This is mister Winston Churchill. (The camera pans to show the statue.) Right, a message for you, Gavin: I will fight you on the beaches, I will fight you on the landing grounds, in the fields, and in the streets. And I will never surrender!

Text: Monday
(Cut to edited video from Before the Clock Strikes Six... and Parliament Square - 6pm, 19th November 2007.)

Text: Tuesday
(Cut to edited video from Thirteen and a Half and Waterloo station - 130PM, 20th November 2007.)

Text: Wednesday
(Cut to edited video from All the World's a Stage... and Waterloo Bridge - 6pm 21st November.)

Text: Thursday
(Cut to edited video from You're Almost There! and St. Paul's Cathedral: 6pm - 22nd November 2007.)

Text: Friday
(Cut to edited video from One More Chance and Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007.)