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Lucy Chilton
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KateModern: production runner
Background information
Age undisclosed

Videos with Lucy Chilton as production runner

Lucy Chilton was a part-time production runner for the webseries KateModern who sees herself as being a "very determined and hard working" person who "thrive[s] on working in this industry". Born in Derbyshire England, Lucy graduated with a BA Hons in Performing Arts from a London University. [1] After school, she went on to work as a production runner for Kudos Film and Television and as a production assistant on "Miss Marple" with Granada Drama, where she met Claire Finbow, who currently works as a production assistant for KateModern. She then worked as a production assistant on the British feature "The Heavy," followed by a job as a UK contact/assistant for a British-Norwegian production called "Wide Blue Yonder." Shortly thereafter, she received a call from Claire asking if she could pop in and help out with the show for a while. While she wasn't involved with KateModern for very long, Lucy says that it's a great show and that the cast and crew were fabulous to work with. Currently, Lucy is listed as a "member" of Insatiable Productions [2].

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