Porter's Shadow

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Porter's Shadow
First Appearance Last Appearance
Bloodlines: Part 3 In the Bedroom
Character information
Age Deceased
Date of Death March 7th, 2008
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Tom Snyder
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Videos with Porter's Shadow

The Shadow of Elder Dr. William Porter was first seen during Emma's escape. After Porter's death, the Shadow was seen watching the TAAG outside of the cabin at Big Bear Lake. He has since released a video, revealing that he has seen the TAAG's videos, and has every intention of avenging his Elder's death.

Along with Lucy's help, Porter's Shadow tracked down Gina, Daniel, and Jonas outside of Bree's house, and picked up an eraser that Gina dropped. He later used that same eraser to track down a convenience store near the rented house and later to find the house itself. He hid out in the girls' room's closet and snuck up on Jennie, whom he chased outside. Unluckily for the Shadow, while outside, he was hit by a car and died. The following day, Daniel and Jonas dumped his body in an ally and made an anonymous call to 911 with the location.

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