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List of Characters in LG15: The Last

Main Characters · Recurring Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Catherine Williams

A tough trait positive girl who strives to overcome self-destructing behavior.


Portrayed by: Tom Mesker

Chas's ex-boyfriend which excellent people skills and a hint of mystery surrounding him.


Portrayed by: Jessica Shipley

A trait positive girl fixated on her appearance and naive about the world around her.


Portrayed by: Emily Rose Robinson

A trait positive girl who lets her personal feelings get in the way of keeping herself safe.


Portrayed by: Samantha Carr

A trait positive history buff whose choice in men made her a target for her friends.


Portrayed by: James Olds

A self-righteous bartender with ambiguous intentions who makes and breaks hearts.


Portrayed by: Unknown

A mysterious figure who is working for the Order and tore the group apart from the inside.


Portrayed by: Andrew Strouthos

Sibylla's brother who befriended Jayde and worked against her and her new friends.

Recurring Characters

While these recurring characters are not always around, they reappear often, and influence the story when they do. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.


Portrayed by: Erica Baker

A girl who made a deal with the devil whist searching for answers on her friend's death.


Portrayed by: Various Actors

Members of the Order who track the four girls.


Portrayed by: Gai Strouthos

An Elder and the adoptive mother of Sibylla and Xavier.


Portrayed by: Matt Morris

Unquestioning and completely devoted to Hera, and has even killed for her.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Unknown

A Waiter who sees information that Jayde accidentally dropped.

Portrayed by: Unknown

Watches and creeps out Toni.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

A special division of the Order sent to capture trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: A Cat

Erica's pet cat who isn't too fond of her video camera.

Portrayed by: Colin Tuft

The American resistance leader who allegedly informs Chas that she is trait positive.

Portrayed by: Alysha McCarthy, Voiceover by: Lara Baidoo

A vicious woman in the Order with an attitude.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Bodyguards of the Elders; they use extreme tactics to get what they want.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Community-level leaders in the Order.

Portrayed by: Vincenza Robinson

A Deacon who has a higher interest in her's daughter's well-being than her own.

Portrayed by: Unknown

Watches and protects Chas from harm.

Portrayed by: Merinda Carr

A woman who talks to Chas at the hospital.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Utmost figures of authority in the Hymn of One. It is an honor to be in their presence.

Portrayed by: Jeffrey Robinson

Leigh's biological father who was captured when he tried to find her.

Portrayed by: Andrea Robinson

Leigh's biological mother who was captured when she tried to find her.

Unseen Characters

There are a number of unseen characters that seen characters have mentioned, but have never been seen on screen, and are not video bloggers. Due to the mysterious nature of the plot, some of these people may not actually exist.

An agent of the Order who pops up all over the world.

Erica's best friend who died under mysterious circumstances.

Erica believes that they are lying about their daughter's fate.

Chasina's parents, whom she now believes are liars.

A trait positive girl from Perth who faked her own death to hide from the Order.

A Doctor who was scheduled to meet with Jayde to discuss her mother's illness on March 20th.

Deacon Cooper's doctor at the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

They allow Mitch and his companions to stay at their beachfront house.

Died when Jayde was young, leaving her in the care of her mother.

Leigh's adoptive parents who try to keep her in the dark about her upcoming ceremony.

Erica regrets breaking up with him.