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Polish Resistance
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Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Ursyn Wysocki

The Polish Resistance is a resistance movement taking place in Poland. While the size and membership of the organization has yet to be fully explored, members of Ursyn's Gang are considered to be part of this group, whether or not they were present when the two groups officially merged. Please note that this group generally doesn't include members of Ola's Gang, as the two groups had little interaction.

As the makeup of this movement has yet to be fully established, it is possible that this is the same resistance movement seen and referenced in LG15: Outbreak as both are based in Europe.

Current Members

Unofficial Members

Former Members

The Resistance
Original Members Raymond Wharton · Michael Carruthers · George Kiel
TAAG En USA.gif Bree · Daniel · Jonas · Taylor · Sarah · Spencer · Emma · Jennie · Gina
Hymn of None En USA.gif Maggie · Jonas · Sarah · Reed · Daniel
K-Team En GB.gif Kate · Charlie · Gavin · Tariq · Steve · Sophie · Julia · Lee · Lauren
The FTO En GB.gif Jeffrey · Raymond · Patricia · Lauren
Ola's Gang Flag of Poland.gif Ola · Daniel · Kama · Natan · Justyna · Bartek · Dominika
Landsteiner Flag of Poland.gif Ursyn · Ewa · Pyton · Karolina · Eryk
The Lasties En AU.gif Chasina · Mitch · Antonia · Bray · Jayde · Leigh
European France-Flag.png Mason · Emma · Alizee · LaFleur