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The European Resistance
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Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Gregory Mason
Emma Wharton
Francis LaFleur

The European Resistance is a new Resistance movement based in Europe that has grown substantially in size since 2007. It can be inferred that one of the events that lead to its creation was the series of murders committed by Terrence in London after the well-publicized Hymn of One-linked murder of Genevieve Strathcarron.

A europe-based resistance was mentioned in the season one finale of N1ckola, though it is unclear if the two movements are one and the same.

Members of the former TAAG and Hymn of One in the United States also appear to be a part of or have ties to this resistance.


Unofficial Members

The Resistance
Original Members Raymond Wharton · Michael Carruthers · George Kiel
TAAG En USA.gif Bree · Daniel · Jonas · Taylor · Sarah · Spencer · Emma · Jennie · Gina
Hymn of None En USA.gif Maggie · Jonas · Sarah · Reed · Daniel
K-Team En GB.gif Kate · Charlie · Gavin · Tariq · Steve · Sophie · Julia · Lee · Lauren
The FTO En GB.gif Jeffrey · Raymond · Patricia · Lauren
Ola's Gang Flag of Poland.gif Ola · Daniel · Kama · Natan · Justyna · Bartek · Dominika
Landsteiner Flag of Poland.gif Ursyn · Ewa · Pyton · Karolina · Eryk
The Lasties En AU.gif Chasina · Mitch · Antonia · Bray · Jayde · Leigh
European France-Flag.png Mason · Emma · Alizee · LaFleur