The Lasties

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The Lasties
First Mention Last Mention
If You're Out There Alone
Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Chasina Wilson
Mitch Evans
Antonia Moore
Bray Johnson
Jayde Cooper
Leigh Taylor

The Lasties, is the nickname of a resistance movement taking place in Australia. The group is currently active, and formed after Chasina Wilson received notification from Jonas Wharton about the Order's intentions. The only active members of the group are currently in hiding after witnessing the murders of Leigh Taylor and Antonia Moore due to the betrayal of Mitch Evans.

Official Members

Unofficial Members

Former Members

The Resistance
Original Members Raymond Wharton · Michael Carruthers · George Kiel
TAAG En USA.gif Bree · Daniel · Jonas · Taylor · Sarah · Spencer · Emma · Jennie · Gina
Hymn of None En USA.gif Maggie · Jonas · Sarah · Reed · Daniel
K-Team En GB.gif Kate · Charlie · Gavin · Tariq · Steve · Sophie · Julia · Lee · Lauren
The FTO En GB.gif Jeffrey · Raymond · Patricia · Lauren
Ola's Gang Flag of Poland.gif Ola · Daniel · Kama · Natan · Justyna · Bartek · Dominika
Landsteiner Flag of Poland.gif Ursyn · Ewa · Pyton · Karolina · Eryk
The Lasties En AU.gif Chasina · Mitch · Antonia · Bray · Jayde · Leigh
European France-Flag.png Mason · Emma · Alizee · LaFleur