Ola's Gang

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Ola's Gang
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Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Ola Polak
Kama Janik

Ola's Gang, is the name of a short-lived resistance movement taking place in Poland and speaking parts of the UK consisting of friends and acquaintances of Ola Polak. Like previous resistance groups in the past, it was infiltrated by the Order, but it holds the distinction of being the only resistance movement to be made up almost entirely of Order moles. Please note that this group does not include the group formed by the friends of Ursyn Wysocki, as they later merge with a larger resistance movement referred to simply as Landsteiner (meaning "Resistance" in Polish) and also because the two factions had little contact.

As of June 2009 the group is officially defunct, as all the members have either been killed, brainwashed, or gone back to being a member of the Order.


Unofficial Members

The Resistance
Original Members Raymond Wharton · Michael Carruthers · George Kiel
TAAG En USA.gif Bree · Daniel · Jonas · Taylor · Sarah · Spencer · Emma · Jennie · Gina
Hymn of None En USA.gif Maggie · Jonas · Sarah · Reed · Daniel
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Ola's Gang Flag of Poland.gif Ola · Daniel · Kama · Natan · Justyna · Bartek · Dominika
Landsteiner Flag of Poland.gif Ursyn · Ewa · Pyton · Karolina · Eryk
The Lasties En AU.gif Chasina · Mitch · Antonia · Bray · Jayde · Leigh
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