The bunker

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The bunker



The Bunker

Outside The Bunker

In About The Gun, Bree, Daniel and Jonas moved into a bunker. This bunker once acted as a safe-house for the Resistance against the Order. Jonas discovered the existence of this bunker when sifting through his parents' papers at his cabin.

The bunker is at first very dirty with limited amenities. Furniture includes some broken chairs and a mattress.

There is a computer, some photographic slides, a map and a whiteboard in one section of the bunker. The whiteboard contains some interesting notes left by the previous occupants.

The whiteboard

Below is a recreation of the whiteboard. On the whiteboard, under the section called "The Flock" are the names Cassandra and Alexandra. They could possibly refer to Cassie and Alex. In the video New Girl, the words "The Flock" seem to have been erased and something added in it's place.

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