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You can't drink the water but the Tequila is okay!

Throughout the show, several characters have consumed alcohol and become inebriated. This is a short summary of their experiences and an in depth analysis.

Episode / Consequences - lonelygirl15

Ep. Number Ep. Title Relation to drinking
118 Truth Or Dare In Hungover, Daniel talks about how he first humiliated himself and then Jonas further humiliated him in a game of Truth or Dare.
154 Uncle Dan Daniel drinks and works up the courage to make a move on Jonas's aunt and this angers Jonas, as well as a couple other party guests.
160 Vegas, Baby! Daniel and Jonas get drunk in Las Vegas, Nevada while Bree has what she calls "PG" fun. They meet back up, only to be chased by what they think is a Watcher.
167 Spring Break Sucks Bree spends some time around Mexico while Jonas and Daniel get drunk. She finds them in an alley and puts both of them in the cab of Jonas's truck.
175 Running For Life Daniel is drunk and sleeping all day. Jonas tries to get him to come on a run with him, hoping it will help lift his spirits, but doesn't succeed.
176 Intervention Jonas confronts Daniel about his alcoholism to which Daniel becomes agitated and reveals his reasons for drinking stem from hopelessness in running from the Order, and his relationship issues.
263 I'm Done Some fans suspect that Jonas gets drunk as he tries to cope with Bree's death, and ends up trashing his motel room.
325 A Woman's Touch Chris puts the moves on Mallory and reveals that he has secret plans.
337 Sarah and the City Sarah enjoys a couple martinis at Liquid Kitty, a cocktail lounge in Los Angeles, but shows no signs of inebriation.
401 Beer Bath Jonas gets very, very drunk. Many beer cans can be seen on the ground near the tub and Jonas opens multiple beers while appearing not to finish them all.
421 Hot Tubbing Jonas and Jennie get drunk and make out. Sarah and Gina get drunk to unknown consequences. They are all hungover in the following episode.
451 A Stranger Calls Jonas and Sarah drink Pacifico to no significant consequence.
461 Mmm Beer! Daniel, who had not touched alcohol since Running For Life, allows himself a beer with Jonas.
462 Beach Party Daniel drinks too much, giving Jonas reason to go to London on his own.
466 Raise The Roof Steve gets upset, that Jonas might be drinking his opportunities away.
470 Hot Tacos After a near death experience with border hopping, TAAG and Steve kick back with some Corona.
472 Politics Gone Wild! Daniel meets a drunken Salinas supporter, Ben.
475 Corn Nuts Sarah makes mixed drinks and serves Carona to everyone.

Episode / Consequences - KateModern

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Ep. Number Ep. Title Relation to drinking
43 Gavin Steps Up All characters are seen drinking beer, to no noticeable effect.
60 Saved By LaBeouf Charlie and Gavin have some drinks at the bar, to no noticeable effect.
70 The Days - Evil Girls All characters are seen drinking beer, to no noticeable effect.
76 Somewhere Only We Know Tariq is drinking from a brown paper bag in the park. There is no evidence to the contents.
77 Cooking With Tariq Tariq and Julia are drinking wine and Tariq passes out on his couch.
107 Pissed Gavin and Tariq make threats and wake the landlord up.
145 War is Over Gavin drinks sherry from the bottle and acts in a way that causes Kate and Charlie to be angry with him.
146 Frozen Friendship Gavin drinks sherry from the bottle.
247 Hot Tacos After a near death experience with border hopping, TAAG and Steve kick back with some Corona.
249 Politics Gone Wild! Daniel meets a drunken Salinas supporter, Ben.
262 The Hen Night Charlie makes out with Gavin and Lauren throws up.
263 Julia & Rupert Gavin grabs at Julia's breasts and throws the wedding gifts onto the floor.

Other Episodes

Ep. Number Ep. Title Relation to drinking
NBR010 Investigating Pins and Pints Nikki Bower takes a shot of vodka while searching for clues concerning Daniel's disappearance.
NBR014 Look Who I Found!!! Nikki Bower reports, Lucy is known to have an occasional drink. By herself! (watch better drinking with the order, at 11)
NBR016 It's Party Time - NBR Investigates Nikki drinks pinot grigio while reporting on the latest updates.
NBR019 Bucking Broncos - NBR Investigates Nikki Bower teases Daniel about his drinking while in Texas by asking Jonas to join her in a drink and disinviting Daniel. Tough love!
NBR025 Groping (Alone) in the Dark Nikki Bower talks about drinking large amounts of whiskey and consumes a Hineken.

Drinking References

  • Where Is Jonas? - Nikki Bower jokingly attributes Natty Ice to D-Bone. Does she know what's coming?
  • Daniel's Missing! - It is logical to assume that the Order got Daniel drunk before they abducted him but there is not enough evidence to prove this.
  • Drinking Problems - Daniel declares he is done drinking. Cosmic law dictates that everybody does this when they are this hungover.
  • Sloppy Drunk - Bree reflects on Daniel's drinking.
  • Quitting The Sauce - Daniel declares again that he's done drinking.
  • What Happened to Us??? - For no apparent reason, alcohol is listed as a tag.
  • Sexy Librarian ;) - Sarah tells us about her life, riddled with quick love and alcohol.
  • The Email - off camera, Daniel's parents get drunk and laugh at stupid pet tricks. Thus far, this is the most shameful of drunken behavior in the LG15 series.
  • Escape to London - Jonas alludes to Daniel's drinking as influencing his decision to go to London by himself.


Sarah enjoys a night out.


First Season

  • Nikki Bower referenced alcohol since before it became a theme in the series. Does she know something we don't know?
  • Daniel has two stages. Either he's a booze hound or he completely abstains. This further illustrates his unhealthy relationship with alcohol, how his drinking habits move rapidly across the spectrum with no ability to consume in moderation.
  • with the possible exception of New Friend and Alex, none of the characters have been able to hold their alcohol. The sobriety spectrum goes from stone sober to stone cold sober to sloshed drunk and there is no middle ground. Some might argue that this paints an unrealistic picture of alcohol.

Second Season

  • Daniel gives up drinking and Jonas turns to binge drinking to help him forget about Bree.

Third Season

  • TAAG's relationship with alcohol has matured. Binge Drinking is less frequent and consequences are less dramatic.