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Mrs. Genatiempo
First Mention Last Mention
First Video (I know, lame title) Here's the Deal
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Relationships Mr. Genatiempo (Husband)
D-C-cubed (Fling)
Jack (Fling)
Portrayed by Unknown

Mrs. Genatiempo is Taylor and Sarah's mom. According to Taylor, she is really aggressive about sports. She constantly pushes Taylor to be the best to such an extreme that she considers phrases such as "it's not important that you win, it's how you play the game," or "All that matters is that you had fun," to be loser talk. Sarah describes her as one to drive her crazy and that she, "would be a lot happier if I was gone. Vanished. Good riddance." It was later revealed that the girls' parents separated because of their father's "mid-life crisis" involving a young lady around the age of 19. Taylor says that consequently, her mom thinks she has license to fool around with 20-something men from the nearby community college. She even flirts with Jonas, much to his embarrassment and Taylor's displeasure.

Sarah and her mother had a talk in which Sarah's summer plans about a roadtrip were brought up. As Sarah reunited with Daniel and Jonas days later, it is safe to assume that their mother agreed. Not long after, Taylor had an argument with her mother, and Taylor told her mother that maybe she should "get out of the house for a while and spend the summer in California with Sarah." To her surprise, her mother agreed, and told to to go ahead and pack. Taylor is shocked by how much her mother has changed from when she was a "uptight, strict soccer mom".

After Bree's death, Sarah started dating a bunch of guys in order to take her mind off of Daniel. To her dismay, she discovers that her mother has seduced one of her dates and that they are going out. Sarah is happy that he's not as young as her previous boyfriend, though he is still in his twenties. Her mother's actions make Sarah realize that she is doing the same thing as her mom: throwing herself at guys in order to cope with a broken relationship (Taylor tells them at one point that "You and Mom deserve each other"). Though it is clear that her mother sees no similarities, as she calls her daughter a whore.

However, the goings-on of Taylor and Sarah's parents aren't mentioned for four months, as Sarah re-joins TAAG, and Taylor has taken a break from blogging in order to focus back on school. However, Taylor begins blogging again after a boy named Jack contacted her through the website During the following drama, Taylor reveals that her parents are not on speaking terms, and uses it to her advantage by telling each of them that she is staying at the other's house when she goes on the (short-lived) run with Jack.

The next summer, Taylor's mom decides that its time to move forward with her life after the divorce, and puts her house up for sale. While Taylor is cleaning out the attic, she discovers one of her father's old suitcases. The following series of events reveals that Sarah has been working for the Order after her father threatened to kill her mother and sister. Days later, at the time of The Ascension, Taylor reveals that her mother spent the day with her boyfriend and was unaware of the events taking place.

Her current location is unknown.

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