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I'm attempting to figure out a way to make our character pages shorter. Since Daniels is the longest I thought I'd experiment with his. If you have anything to add or delete or change or whatever PLEASE feel free!!!

Daniel Season3.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
The Danielbeast At the Beach
Character information
Age 20
Date of Birth December 1987? (Sagittarius)
MySpace daniel_thebeast
Forum Posts danielbeast
YouTube Danielbeast
Portrayed by Yousef Abu-Taleb
List of Daniel's blogs

Daniel a.k.a. Danielbeast or Beast is Bree's best friend, (on and off) love interest, and the co-star of the Lonelygirl15 video series. His first videos were made in his bedroom.


Daniel first disclosed specific information about his parents in Drinking Problems, where he revealed that growing up, although they were not loud or abusive drunks, he was "violently ignored" by them. He also said that the bad times were when one of them would stop drinking, because the other one of them would get better and he would finally have a parent, but then, all the arguing would start again. At the time of this video he claimed they had been sober for two years, however, much later in the series, it was confirmed they had, at some point, began drinking again. His parents' alcoholism meant that Daniel spent more time with his grandmother, which he did until she died.

Daniel graduated from high school in June 2006 and had a graduation party which Bree was not allowed to attend. When summer began, he taught Bree how to make video blogs and was the one who set up her YouTube account.

Daniel and Bree in a more simple time

Like many fans, Daniel began to investigate Bree's religion and decided to follow her around to record her actions, even after Bree had asked him not to do so. As Daniel investigated further, he became increasingly worried, and decided to break into Lucy's apartment to look for clues, where he found pictures of himself on her computer. He became worried and posted a video on the subject. His worries finally made sense to Bree, causing her to begin to question her religion. After an unsuccessful attempt to excuse her from the Ceremony, Bree's parents were taken away by the local Deacons, and Bree went on the run with Daniel. As a result, Daniel dropped out of junior college, where he was taking film classes, and he left his job at Gas 'n Eats to accompany Bree.

On the Run

After going on the run, Daniel and Bree stayed at several motels where they had to relocate several times when they were warned by Gemma that they were being followed. Soon, Daniel became angry at Bree for not taking their plight seriously enough, but the two quickly made up and Bree gave Daniel an impromptu Thanksgiving feast. After coming back from their feast, however, they saw that their motel had been ransacked. Once again on the run, they abandon their car and found themselves on the streets.

"Bro Time"

While they were in desperate need, Jonas began posting videos offering help. Although, Daniel was extremely skeptical, he asked the viewers to vote on whether or not to trust him. The viewers voted to trust Jonas, and Bree chose to stay with him. However, Daniel chose to go home. Daniel ultimately changed his mind and joined Bree and Jonas at Christmas. The next day, though, Bree went missing. After finding out that Bree had gone to find her father, Jonas and Daniel hit the road to try to find her. They were able to locate Bree, however, her father was gunned down by the Order and the trio was forced to flee the scene.

After having his advances once again rejected by Bree, Daniel set out to Pins and Pints to forget his troubles, and came home extremely drunk with a random girl The next day, a remorseful Daniel awoke with Jonas's graffiti on his face. Wanting to find the girl who had come home with him, Daniel once again set out to Pins and Pints, but this time he did not return. Worried for Daniel's safety, Bree and Jonas set out to find a man the bartender said Daniel had been drinking with, but with little success. In Miss Me? a drugged Daniel tried to convince Bree to do the Ceremony, which confirmed he had been kidnapped by the Order. Bree and Jonas successfully rescued Daniel and ultimately foiled the Order's plans with the help of Tachyon and Brother.
Daniel being psychologically tortured.


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