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Adam Lamar
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Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor Good Luck in Vegas Adam Lamar
Character information
Age 46
Date of Birth November 8th, 1975
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Revver adamlamar
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Portrayed by Adam Lamar
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Adam Lamar (not to be confused with Adam Wilmott) is a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG.

Adam is an editor for the Pine Log, the SFASU's school newspaper. Clara interviews him first for her thesis project. In Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor, Adam admits that he didn't write any stories about Maddison's and Adam's deaths largely because nothing official came out until after the end of the school year.

Adam accompanies Clara as she interviews Cynthia Frady. After the interview, Clara explains the recent online drops and puzzles to Adam in the Missing Tapes video. He agrees to act as her bodyguard/driver and accompanies her for the next few videos, such as interviewing Duke Johnson and checking out the Bible school in Rusk, Texas (677 Dickinson Rusk).

Adam is skeptical about the online conspiracy surrounding Maddison's death and the mysterious messages sent to Clara, and believes that the case is closed and Joel Frady is the rightfully accused killer. He thus starts having second thoughts about being Clara's bodyguard in the Text and Voice Messages video, when Clara receives a voicemail from Frady that the online community decodes as a message to meet with Frady.

Adam goes with Clara to Margil Park in Nacogdoches to meet with Frady, but find him dead. Adam calls the police. After being questioned by the police overnight, Adam agrees to let Clara stay at his place for the next few days. Later, in Near the murder scene, Adam goes with Clara to visit the site of Joel's death. While Adam is seemingly unaffected, Clara is noticeably distraught, despite Adam's attempts at humor.

Later, Marla came down to Nacogdoches and stayed with Adam Lamar. During that time, Adam hatched a plan to switch Clara's project with a documentary of XO in Adam Lamar's Pitch. This was Adam's attempt to help Clara graduate after work on the Maddison Atkins thesis stalled due to Clara's depression. While Clara was hesitant, she went along with the plan. However, Clara did not do much work on it, and missed the December 2007 graduation date.

In Good Luck in Vegas Adam Lamar, Adam Lamar moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently resides.


  • Adam Lamar posted a video in response to fan battle rap videos. (watch)
  • Later in the day, Adam Lamar posted a second battle rap video. (watch)
  • When Marla visited Adam, only to find out that he had no answers for her, they made a rap video together. Marla pwned Adam in adam lamar tv 3. (watch)
  • Both Adam Lamar the character and Adam Lamar are Editor of the Pine Tree Log [1]
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