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Inicjacja Landsteiner
Character information
Age 25
Place of Origin Flag of Poland.gif Poland
N1ckola barteksfinks
Email Email Bartek
Portrayed by Bartek Picher

Videos with Bartek

Bartek Sfinks is a shady character in the N1ckola webseries. Not much is known about him, although it can be inferred that he works as a Watcher or Shadow for the Order. Recent events have made his true allegiance unclear, as he has been consistently seen helping both the Order and the Resistance.


Ola first encounters Bartek on her flight to Wrocław, where he is seated next to her on the plane. They make small talk, and he mentions that he works in construction, and asks for her help using his phone due to hand injuries. However, once they leave the plane, it is revealed that the injuries are not real, and he follows Ola to the Bus Terminal.

He gets on the same bus as Ola, but fails to notice when she gets off, deciding to try calling Kama for a ride instead. After reading an article online about the death of Jeffrey Harris back in London, he goes to confront Ola, only to find her gone.


Bartek is a rarely used masculine Polish name<ref></ref>

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