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For the video that was posted on the maddisonatkins YouTube page as Marla Singer, see Marla Singer Interview.
First Appearance Last Appearance
To Clara Long Overdue.
Character information
Age 36
Date of Birth February 1st, 1985
Forum Posts marlasinger
YouTube xmarlasingerx
Revver marlasinger
Portrayed by Maya Kramer
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Videos with Marla

Marla is a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG. She is a long-time fan of Maddison Atkins, and has been following the story since before Maddison Atkins's death. She actively oped the maddison IRC room and formed a close, personal friendship with Maddison. She was devastated after Maddison's death, and once Clara Stokes came on the scene, Marla was determined not to let her meet the same end. Marla worked diligently help keep Clara safe. After Clara withdrew from the community, essentially vanishing from IRC altogether, Marla became worried and headed down to Nacogdoches from Washington to see how Clara was doing. While she was there, Clara agreed to talk to Marla, and interview her.

Marla has since obtained Maddison's personal journals, and in spite of saying she did not feel comfortable sharing the information she received, she has been leaking the information via a series of puzzles she devised.

Marla's boyfriend Andrew appeared in several videos with her. Since her move to Nacogdoches, it seems that the two have decided to end things, and Marla says that she is now single. She later goes into details about what happened between them, explaining that he had been exerting an influence over her life (and travel plans), though she now doesn't know why she let him.

Marla discusses her situation in her life with Skunkwaffle and Micfranxon, who convince her to move to Nacogdoches so that she can relax and also keep an eye on Clara. Later on, we see Marla appear in one of Adam Lamar's videos, confirming that she has indeed moved down there.

Marla gets drafted to be a production assistant in Adam Lamar's plan to do an XO documentary and turn that into Clara's thesis project. Marla then apologizes to Gregory Atkins for the delay in Maddison's story and promises to take it up herself once she helps Clara graduate. About a month later, Marla helps Adam Lamar clean up his house and pack for Adam's move to Las Vegas.

After a long absence, Marla speaks of a letter she received about contacting Dr. Arscott, and says she needs to think about it. She later gives reasons as to why the Maddison investigation has not been her focus, and why she has not been able to help. Marla then shows her increasing frustrations with her friends, who at this point had gotten impatient over her slow progression on the investigation. Soon after this, Gregory contacts Marla and invites her for coffee so that he can talk to her, and Marla accepts the invitation.

During the meeting, Gregory becomes very impatient upon learning that little progress has been made since the Storyteller contest back in November. Marla becomes very defensive, and reluctantly admits that she hasn't seen Clara for a while. Gregory makes her promise that she'll devote her time to finishing the Documentary.

A week later, The video to Dr. Arscott was posted on the maddisonatkins account, and Marla explained that the community had to be patient and allow him time to see it.

It was around this time that Marla broke her promise to Greg and left to take an annual class in Hawaii. Upon her return, she discovered Greg moving Maddison's stuff out of her apartment so he can rent it out. Though annoyed, he agrees to Marla's request that she can stay in Maddison's Apartment until the sale at the end of April.

The event was a so-called "wake-up call" for Marla, who realized how little she had accomplished during her time in Nacogdoches. She then started a stake-out outside Clara's house, blasting annoying music, hoping to get her to come out so she could get the information relating to the documentary from her.


  • Marla has been known in chat and on forums as her full user handle, MarlaSinger - however this is known to not be her character's true name, as it is an obvious Fight Club reference. It is assumed, however, that Marla is really her name and "Singer" is an adopted pseudonym.
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