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Purple Monkey
First Appearance Last Appearance
First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails The Betrayal
Character information
Age Stuffed
MySpace p_monkey_
Portrayed by Purple Monkey

Videos with Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey (aka P. Monkey) is a hand-puppet featured in many of Bree's videos. Purple Monkey first appears in First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails on Bree's bed for a brief moment when Bree is shown spinning around during the Gnarls Barkley song montage. Episode 2, Purple Monkey, is dedicated to introducing Purple Monkey, where she is described as being from Texas, not liking the fact she's a puppet, and as someone who helps Bree out.

Purple Monkey seems to have gender issues as it has been referred to by Bree as both she and he, though mostly as she.

P. Monkey sometimes gets made fun of by Bree (when she covers its ears and says something). However, in the video Don't Trust The Authorities it is Gemma who does the insulting. She calls him a wanker for not being able to swim, as well as a "fragile geezer." There was a great deal of tension between the two afterwards.

Purple Monkey is widely available at Target stores (or at least was at one time). The official name for this stuffed animal is "Pappa Geppetto Monkey Puppet." Purple monkey puppets have also appeared in videos by LonesomeOctober, TWJaniak, and Paulmark18.

After Bree's death, P. Monkey became the longest serving character.

Connection to Lucy

Lucy is a character later introduced in the series who is also somebody who helps Bree. Towards the beginning of the series, P. Monkey plays a very frequent role and is Bree's helper. However, in the later episodes as the ceremony approaches, P. Monkey appears less and less and Lucy is now called the helper. Bree makes the point of asking Lucy if it is okay for her to have stuffed animal friends (ex: P. Monkey). Lucy rephrases Bree's words by referring to them as "imaginary friends", and says they are a positive thing for people to have because they can talk to them when there is no one else around.

Fate of Purple Monkey

After the death of Bree's father, Purple Monkey appeared no longer able to help Bree. Daniel used Purple Monkey to try to cheer Bree up in Purple Monkey Returns, but Bree would have none of it. In Training Hard, Purple Monkey made an appearance, and Bree admitted that she had not had much time to hang out with Purple Monkey. She went on to say, however, that she thought she was getting too old to be playing with stuffed toys.

Return of Purple Monkey

After 77 days, Purple Monkey is once again seen in Entertaining Myself. Sarah is shown playing with him and kissing him, pretending that he is Daniel. It should be noted, however, that she doesn't even bother to ask him his name, referring to him simply as "this stuffed monkey."

In I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe, he is forced to watch Bree struggling to remember him, and throwing Owen in frustration. However -- if Bree's incoherent ramblings can be believed -- Purple Monkey still supports her and listens to her, even in this dark time.

Daniel and Sarah are shown playing with P. Monkey in Taking Advantage of Her.

After Bree's death, Daniel and Jonas decide to give P. Monkey to Jonas's little sister Emma. Following this, P. Monkey had basically disappeared and was assumed to be hiding somewhere with Emma. When she left the group, many assumed that she had taken him with her, but Daniel was later seen holding P. Monkey in I Miss Her.

In Bullet to the Head, Carl claims that he knows Jonas keeps P. Monkey in a box underneath his bed. Sarah confirms this in a later video.

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