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| actor      = [[Becki Kregoski]]
| actor      = [[Becki Kregoski]]
| first      = [[First Video (I know, lame title)]]
| first      = [[First Video (I know, lame title)]]
| last        = [[We're Screwed!]]
| last        = [[Basement Captive]]
| color      = SkyBlue
| color      = SkyBlue
| series      = LG15
| series      = LG15

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Taylor Season3.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
First Video (I know, lame title) Basement Captive
Character information
Age 16
Date of Birth ("Leo")
MySpace soccerstar_4ever
Forum Posts soccerstar
YouTube soccerstar4ever
Revver soccerstar
Portrayed by Becki Kregoski
List of Taylor's blogs
Videos with Taylor

Taylor, aka soccerstar, is a Revver user who began posting replies to Bree in early April, 2007. Fans immediately suspected that she was canon since she is about the right age, and her style is similar; for instance, she used jump cuts, and fans observed that her room and Bree's looked similarly styled. It was initially believed that she could be the new girl that Alex mentioned in The Perfect Beach.


Taylor's mother is very similar to Bree's in that she is fanatical. However, while Bree's mom is devoted to her religion, Taylor's mom is overly enthusiastic about Taylor's soccer. Taylor's father is less ardent than her mother; at one point she mentions her father being embarrassed by her mother's fanaticism. This is also similar to Bree's father.

Taylor also has a very dark sister named Sarah, who made her first appearance in Crazy Emo Chick on May 1, 2007, and they appeared together in No Trespassing on May 2. Taylor and her sister Sarah live in Zavalla, Texas, a location that was first revealed on the computer in Lucy's apartment.

Adventures with BDJ

Bree first mentioned Taylor in A Solid Lead. In OUT OF THE BUNKER!!!, Bree said that she, Daniel, and Jonas were going to see Taylor to find out more about Julia Anderson, a possible candidate for the Ceremony. This was in response to Taylor's claims that Jules once played on Taylor's soccer league.

Sarah and Taylor.

Bree, Daniel, and Jonas soon met up with Taylor and Sarah in late spring, in hopes of finding Julia and preventing her from doing the Ceremony. After kidnapping and losing Jules, however, Bree was taken by the Order. Since then, Taylor and Sarah (though not present when Bree surrendered), have been helping Daniel and Jonas.

While her sister soon went to join Daniel and Jonas in California after graduating, Taylor remained at home in Zavalla, where she further witnessed her parents' mid-life crises. She continued to be an asset to the TAAG however, as she became a frequent poster at lonelygirl15.com, offering advice and trying to decipher clues.

Towards the end of June, Jonas, needing a bit of fresh air, came to stay with Taylor, where they both suffered the embarrassment of witnessing Taylor's mother hit on him. Soon after, Taylor had an argument with her mother, which resulted in Taylor leaving with Jonas to spend the rest of the summer in California with Daniel and Sarah.

After coming to stay with her sister and the boys, Taylor, along with the new help of Spencer Gilman, the son of Isaac Gilman, began focusing on finding Bree and rescuing her. Through much training and giving a lot of help making the serum to make Bree trait negative, Taylor and the rest of the gang, with the help of a mysterious supporter, were able to locate Bree and the Ceremony. Although, when it came down to it, Taylor and Sarah both protested that they did not want to go, they went anyway. While trying to get to Bree by 11 am TAAG ran into a Watcher who chased them, ramming into their car and forcing them to crash and run for their lives. Sarah became separated from the rest of the group, but Nikki Bower came to the rescue just in time. After their rescue, Daniel went and received information that the Ceremony was in the middle of nowhere. They also realized that their serum was broken in the crash and Sarah left to find the other vial. While still waiting for Sarah and the serum, Taylor and a severely bleeding Jonas hid alone together until Daniel found them. Finally, Sarah, made it back to them with the serum in hand and with the remaining five members of TAAG together, they pressed forward, finally finding Bree, but only in time to see her die.

After escaping from the location of the "Ceremony", Daniel, Jonas, Taylor, and Sarah, went to a Santa Monica beach, where, amid much grieving, Taylor told us she only came to help because she had fun with Jonas, saying "I know it sounds awful but, I knew that we couldn't save her. Whatever we had on our side, it was never gonna be enough - I mean, we're just a bunch of kids! So I wanted to be there when he realized that she was gone. I guess, I thought that... maybe he'd finally see me..."

Further Adventures

After Bree's death, Taylor and Sarah originally return home, trying to lead a normal life again. They get visited by Spencer and keep vlogging to the others, but that's about it. Taylor starts taking an online programming class, and is determined to go to MIT, stressing that she can't wait to leave Zavalla for Boston. Whether that goal can be achieved is questionable, though, given that, in the same vlog, Taylor finds the picture identifying Emma as the next ceremony girl, leading her to pack her stuff and tell Jonas to grab Emma and run. The guys then tell Sarah to bring the serum and Taylor replies that Sarah has lost it. She continues to tell Sarah to live a better life in a very emotional video for both Taylor and Sarah.

Taylor attempts to achieve balance in her life.

Taylor appeared on the forum on October 24th after an absence of over a month and explained that after all the craziness that had happened, she decided to throw herself into her studies. Her guidence counselor says that she has a good chance of getting into MIT, and she still plays soccer. However, she and Sam have drifted apart due to Sam's inability to comprehend what her friend has been through. She urges Sarah to keep in touch, and then got to work helping forum members crack Emma's code. She finally reappeared in the video They're Gone, speaking to Daniel on her webcam. Since then, Taylor has made more videos, and helped Jonas figure out who the doctor was in the VHS tapes he received.

A few months later, Jack, a boy facing his own set of challenges, contacted Taylor, over in Zavalla, Texas, via whatweird.com. Taylor admitted that she was skeptical, but was moved by Jack's sincerity and genuine fear over his predicament. She then warned Jack that real, or not, he may be dealing with unknown dangers. Jack teleported to Zavalla, where he met up with Taylor and they were soon tracked down and chased by a paladin. Soon thereafter, Taylor and Jack ran away to try and protect themselves from danger. While Taylor was stocking up on supplies on the road, Jack mysteriously disappeared, leaving his cell phone behind. Taylor posted a video, asking for viewers to help crack his voice mail password, so that she could listen to his messages. Her next video was from home, in which she discovered that Jack was imitating situations from the movie Jumper. She has since given up on Jack, considering him obsessed with the movie.

Taylor isn't seen or mentioned again until she is contacted by Daniel to see if she could find out information on the car of a person who tried to kill them. She hacked the state DMV and found the car's registration, discovering that it was a secret service car assigned to protect a California politician named Edward Salinas. Before Daniel can let Taylor tell viewers herself, the computer signal is intercepted by Salinas himself.

School's Out!

Taylor remains uninvolved until Mid-July, when she is given the microchip found in Jonas's chest in order to find out what's on it. The file was revealed to contain an address and blueprints to a museum. There, Jennie and Jonas find the life's work of members of the Resistance and discover the origins of the Order. The microchip also contains a code which Taylor is unable to decode, which is later revealed to a poem about the Elders and the Ceremony. At the same time, Taylor's mother decides its time to sell the house, and has Taylor go through some stuff in the attic. There, Taylor finds her dad's suitcase from college, and discovers letters from the Hymn of One that implicate him as a member of the cult. Taylor is deeply disturbed by this, and posts a video, having no other means to contact Daniel or Sarah. As she's filming, she notices her dad's car pull up, and remarks that she hasn't seen him in a long time. He walks over to the table, and turns her camera off. Taylor's suspicions were confirmed when the TAAG found Order documents and videos at her father's house. Taylor was then kidnapped by her father, who threatened to kill her if Sarah doesn't bring Jonas to him on the day of the eclipse.


  • As Sarah currently does not have an active YouTube account, Taylor openly shares her account with her sister.
  • Taylor has made one unreleased video, which was titled Slide Tackle.
  • Originally, Taylor was going to be a decoy for the real Ceremony girl (a role that ended up being filled by Jules). However, this changed after an actress backed out at the last minute and the storyline needed to be rewritten.
  • The character of Taylor as she is seen today is based off the character of Molly, who was created by Glenn Rubenstein. [1]


Taylor can be either masculine or feminine. In either case, it is derived from the Middle English taillour meaning "cutter of cloth." It originated as the surname of one who was a tailor. [2]


Be sure to check out some theories about Taylor.

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