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For My Own Purposes :)

Behind The Bushes DB Girl Talk Я! Eavesdropping DB She's Telling The Truth Я! They'll Do Anything DB

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes SIE Nice Try JTKO They Beat Her!!! SIE Claire's Hideout - NBR Investigates NBR They Belong With Us HoO A Woman's Touch SIE Slow Down and Stare JTKO What's Going on? DB

Getting Emma Back

Storytelling Я! Goodbye For Now Я! Lonelygirl15 Season Two... So Far CRE Is This The End? JTKO What Happened? E07 Cat Hunt JTKO Around the World E07 School's Out DB School's In DB Sarah and the City SIE

The Lullaby Project

Connections JTKO The Ladies Room SIE Sick Dreams E07 Gay or Not? DB The Beast's Turn - "MMYB" DB Abducted?! DB Lonelygirl15 Week 14 Recap CRE They're Gone DB Groping in the Dark JTKO Rescued?! JTKO intense / in tents SIE Missing Friends DB DANGEROUS DESERT JTKO Groping (Alone) in the Dark NBR

Patient #11 and Dr. Hart

Would you pick me up? JTKO Who's that girl? JTKO

Drunk By Bedtime DB Doctor Visit JTKO Eat Pie E07 Shocking Discovery SocSkyblueStar.png OMG! You have to save her! SocSkyblueStar.png Ambushed in a Tent JTKO Soooo Weird WYJ Can't Sleep. Wanna chat? E07

Mallory's Affair

xxKissKissxx MAL Jonas Cares DB Evil Drug Company Exposed! JTKO Missing Girl Found SIE Killers at the Door?! JTKO Playing Doctor JTKO

Jennie Bares All SIE Conjugal Visit DB Hot for Teacher DB Germ Warfare Attack DB Get Your Freak On E07 I'll Do Whatever It Takes MAL Rebound Action DB Emma's Choice JTKO

Living With The Lullaby

Free Love SIE Corporate Thugs Are Stalking Us JTKO Procreating on Peyote JTB Tired of B*tches DB Am I A Murderer? JTB

Spies In Our Midst JTKO A Girl Alone E07 They Shot Him! JTKO Killed By Big Pharma JTKO Share My Sleeping Bag SIE Help Me Save Them! JTB Party of One JTB Brainwashed In Chat E07 Being Stalked MAL Party Crashers DB

On the Offensive

Splitting Up JTKO Bus-ted DB Can't Sleep... with Me SIE Cream or Sugar? JTKO The Kiss-Off DB Looking For A Date SIE


KIDNAPPED! JTB Watch Me Balance SocSkyblueStar.png

Long Drive Home JTB Stay Strong DB Dangerous Territory!!! SocSkyblueStar.png Girl Tied Up DRH Beer Bath JTKO

Am I A Criminal? SIE Lost & Found DB Attracted to Danger JTB Her Body, Her Blood DRH Too Dangerous! JTKO Bloodlines: Part 1 JTKO Bloodlines: Part 2 JTKO Bloodlines: Part 3 JTKO Bloodlines: Part 4 DRH

Zoey's List

Raegan Payne, Peter James, Sean Vincent Biggins, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty, Tammy Klein, Ross Berger, Jake Coburn, Ricky Martin, Becki Kregoski, Jonathan Kaplan,

Gene Foad, Luke Hyams

Transcript from Recap

Transcript incomplete

(cut to several clips from It's Not Kidnapping, The Perfect Beach, We Found Julia!!!, I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe, 5, Looking For Daniel, Yellow Snow, 8, 9, 10, Bree's Dad Is Dead, 12, Spanglish, CAMP PLAY, Bree's Dad Is Dead, I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe, Your Decision, What the F*@k???, 19, 20, On The Run, Getting Her Back, 23, 24, Your Decision, 26, Swimming!, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails, 34, 35, 36)


Here are some Userboxes I made . . . hopefully someone will like them!

Bree how dumb am i.JPG Watch Out -- This User'll 'Go Bree' on You!
PREV This user 'previews' their work ... for the most part.
Doughnut.jpg This user likes {{{1}}} doughnuts.
0021-TariqAttacksSteve.JPG This user feels Steve's pain.
0263-ShadowWithGlowingEyes.jpg This user thinks LaRezisto's videos are scary.
12in12 glass.png This user watched the 12 in 12 season finale on 8/3/2007.

Indeed, I do like your userboxes! I put the second one on its own page so people can easily use it. Also, just to let you know, I borrowed your other "donuts" picture for another box. Nice work! ~ Jbshryne 15:31, 4 June 2007 (CDT)

I like them as well, I changed a few and hope you don't mind, let me know if you do Nancypants

Featured Articles Badge

I've been trying to make a badge for already-featured articles of the LGPedia. This is what I've come up with so far.


{{Userbox Featured Articles|PUT DATE HERE}}
FA Star.png This article was featured on the LGPedia {{{11/15/2006 - 1/3/2007}}}.


{{Userbox Featured Articles|PUT DATE HERE}}
FA Star.png This article was featured on the LGPedia {{{11/15/2006 - 1/3/2007}}}.

HoO Badge (from that Survey)

<a href=""><img src="" width="129" height="142" border="0" /></a>