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I'm attempting to figure out a way to make our character pages shorter. Since Daniels is the longest I thought I'd experiment with his. If you have anything to add or delete or change or whatever PLEASE feel free!!!

Daniel Season3.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
The Danielbeast At the Beach
Character information
Age 20
Date of Birth December 1987? (Sagittarius)
MySpace daniel_thebeast
Forum Posts danielbeast
YouTube Danielbeast
Portrayed by Yousef Abu-Taleb
List of Daniel's blogs

Daniel a.k.a. Danielbeast or Beast is Bree's best friend, (on and off) love interest, and the co-star of the Lonelygirl15 video series. His first videos were made in his bedroom.


Daniel first disclosed specific information about his parents in Drinking Problems, where he revealed that growing up, although they were not loud or abusive drunks, he was "violently ignored" by them. He also said that the bad times were when one of them would stop drinking, because the other one of them would get better and he would finally have a parent, but then, all the arguing would start again. At the time of this video he claimed they had been sober for two years, however, much later in the series, it was confirmed they had, at some point, began drinking again. His parents' alcoholism meant that Daniel spent more time with his grandmother, which he did until she died.

Daniel graduated from high school in June 2006 and had a graduation party which Bree was not allowed to attend. When summer began, he taught Bree how to make video blogs and was the one who set up her YouTube account.

Daniel and Bree in a more simple time

Like many fans, Daniel began to investigate Bree's religion and decided to follow her around to record her actions, even after Bree had asked him not to do so. As Daniel investigated further, he became increasingly worried, and decided to break into Lucy's apartment to look for clues, where he found pictures of himself on her computer. He became worried and posted a video on the subject. His worries finally made sense to Bree, causing her to begin to question her religion. After an unsuccessful attempt to excuse her from the Ceremony, Bree's parents were taken away by the local Deacons, and Bree went on the run with Daniel. As a result, Daniel dropped out of junior college, where he was taking film classes, and he left his job at Gas 'n Eats to accompany Bree.

On the Run

After going on the run, Daniel and Bree stayed at several motels where they had to relocate several times when they were warned by Gemma that they were being followed. Soon, Daniel became angry at Bree for not taking their plight seriously enough, but the two quickly made up and Bree gave Daniel an impromptu Thanksgiving feast. After coming back from their feast, however, they saw that their motel had been ransacked. Once again on the run, they abandon their car and found themselves on the streets.

"Bro Time"

While they were in desperate need, Jonas began posting videos offering help. Although, Daniel was extremely skeptical, he asked the viewers to vote on whether or not to trust him. The viewers voted to trust Jonas, and Bree chose to stay with him. However, Daniel chose to go home. Daniel ultimately changed his mind and joined Bree and Jonas at Christmas. The next day, though, Bree went missing. After finding out that Bree had gone to find her father, Jonas and Daniel hit the road to try to find her. They were able to locate Bree, however, her father was gunned down by the Order and the trio was forced to flee the scene.

A New Year

After having his advances once again rejected by Bree, Daniel set out to Pins and Pints to forget his troubles, and came home extremely drunk with a random girl The next day, a remorseful Daniel awoke with Jonas's graffiti on his face. Wanting to find the girl who had come home with him, Daniel once again set out to Pins and Pints, but this time he did not return. Worried for Daniel's safety, Bree and Jonas set out to find a man the bartender said Daniel had been drinking with, but with little success. In Miss Me? a drugged Daniel tried to convince Bree to do the Ceremony, which confirmed he had been kidnapped by the Order. Bree and Jonas successfully rescued Daniel and ultimately foiled the Order's plans with the help of Tachyon and Brother.
Daniel being psychologically tortured.

Jonas brought Daniel and Bree to his Aunt Alex's house, who was away on business at the time. While Bree went with Tachyon, Jonas's aunt came back in town, and Daniel and Jonas were invited by Alex to a fashion party. Daniel and Alex appeared to be very interested in each other, much to Jonas's dismay. Bree posted a video saying there was a photo at the party which she thought was Alex and Lucy and warned the guys to leave Alex's home and meet up with her. Alex confirmed that she was was aware of the Order and the boys left to join up with Bree.

For a while, they lived out of Jonas's car, but eventually they decided to track Alex down, and followed her to Mexico. While they were there, they overheard her arguing with a member of the Order over the situation with involving the kidnapping. After finding out about Alex's true allegiance, BDJ headed to a bunker where Bree began investigating who the new girl might be. While they were in the bunker, Daniel began drinking heavily again, leading Jonas and Bree to hold an intervention on his behalf.

Upon leaving the bunker, Daniel, Bree, and Jonas headed to Texas to find the new Ceremony girl. BDJ teamed up with Sarah and Taylor and were able to locate Jules. Later, Bree gave herself up to save Jules, and Daniel and Jonas spent the next month following the Order and trying to save her. Finally locating where Bree had been hidden, Daniel, along with Jonas and Sarah, went to her, where they forcibly took back a brainwashed Bree.

A Summer Without Bree

A short while later, Jonas was convinced the old Bree had come back. Daniel, however, was still wary and felt that Jonas was taking advantage of her brainwashed situation. Bree fled from TAAG the morning after sleeping with Jonas, and Daniel, for a short time, appeared to become more interested in Sarah than recovering Bree. At the beginning of the season finale, Daniel told us that he received information that the Ceremony would be held that day at 4pm. Although Sarah and Taylor protested and told the boys they did not want to go through with the rescue, they all went anyway and, once again with the help of fans, were able to solve a voice mail sent to them by Deep Throat telling them to head to Santa Monica. While trying to get to Bree by 11 am TAAG ran into a Watcher who chased them, ramming into their car and forcing them to crash and run for their lives. Sarah became separated from the rest of the group, but Nikki Bower came to the rescue just in time. After their rescue, Daniel went and received information that the Ceremony was in the middle of nowhere. They also realized that their serum was broken in the crash and Sarah left to find the other vial. The information from Deep Throat led them to an abandoned hangar where they put the code they were given by Deep Throat into Spencer's phone and played it, thus opening a secret door. After going through the trap door and becoming completely lost, they were able to momentarily locate Bree but were attacked by a Shadow who stabbed Jonas and then was stabbed with the same knife by Daniel. While still waiting for Sarah and the serum, Taylor and a severely bleeding Jonas hid alone together until Daniel found them. Finally, Sarah, made it back to them with the serum in hand and with the remaining five members of TAAG together, they were able to find Bree laying on a gurney unconscious. However, they were too late. As her heart monitor flat-lined, Daniel and Jonas collapsed in anguish.

After escaping from the location of the "Ceremony", Daniel, Jonas, Taylor, and Sarah, went to a Santa Monica beach, where, amid much grieving, Daniel angrily lashed out at a nearly comatose Jonas for sleeping with Bree. This video ended with Sarah shouting to Bree that she had "won" and Daniel was always hers. After their emotional time at the beach, Sarah and Taylor said they were leaving. Daniel and Jonas, however, received a voice mail from Bree saying, among other things, that she had gone through with the Ceremony to save Daniel and Jonas. She also left a message for each of them, telling Daniel "I want you to know how much your friendship means to me and always meant to me. In my mind you're even way more than just my friend.You're like...You're more like my most favorite best in the world brother, and I love you forever and ever and ever..."


  • Throughout their traveling, Daniel has had a tendency to become inebriated (as noted in Uncle Dan, Vegas, Baby!, Spring Break Sucks, and Intervention). Before arriving in Texas however, Daniel claimed he was sober once more (Daniel's previous period of sobriety followed his rescue from the Order).
  • Daniel apparently has two cameras. One is a webcam that shoots videos in the standard 4:3 format. The other is a mini-DV handheld that shoots videos in the 16:9 letterbox format. This webcam can be seen in a mirror in the video What Did Daniel and Dad Talk About? and Jonas mentions receiving a tape from Daniel via Bree in the video "Your Decision." Interestingly, Jonas also appears to own both a 4:3 tethered webcam and a 16:9 handheld videocam.
  • One of Daniel's better skills is Breaking and Entering. He has shown this questionable talent when breaking into Lucy's apartment, into a local warehouse, into Alex's Mexican condo, a hospital in Texas, among others. His response? "It's all I know how to do really, I guess." (Lying Bastards, April 4th, 2007)


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