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:'''July 6th''' - Daniel and Sarah [[All Wet|find Isaac Gilman's research files]],  at [[Look Back| Jonas' parent's yacht club]], while Jonas and Taylor [[Going Back to Cali|return to California]] .
:'''July 6th''' - Daniel and Sarah [[All Wet|find Isaac Gilman's research files]],  at [[Look Back| Jonas' parent's yacht club]], while Jonas and Taylor [[Going Back to Cali|return to California]].
:'''July 11th''' - Spencer and Taylor, with the help of the forum members, [[The Bree Solution|decipher the damaged documents]], and [[Deep Throat|discover the key]] to making Bree 'trait negative'.

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Before YouTube

May 25th, 1799 - Napoleon's troops, along with artist Vivant Denon reach Denderah. Denon makes sketches of the Zodiac.
October 12th, 1875 - Aleister Crowley is born.
1943 - According to Daniel in his video Aleister Crowley a girl is kidnapped in Arizona, and Crowley may have been involved.
1980s - Bree's mother meets Gemma's mother in Edinburgh at university. Bree's parents meet at a showing of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.
1987 - Gemma and Jonas are born.
1988 - Daniel is born.
October 26th, 1989 - Bree is born in America.
1994 - Bree begins treatment for her lazy eye.
1996 - According to Gemma, a family disappears after their daughter participates in the same ceremony in which Bree is eventually chosen to play part. (Many have speculated this is Tachyon's family)
1998 - Bree's family moves to New Zealand, where she briefly goes to a public school for the first time.
2000 - Bree's family visits the Northern Territory of Australia. Jonas's parents are lost at sea in the Pacific Ocean and assumed dead.
2002 - Bree's family moves to Nottinghamshire, England, where Bree meets Gemma and befriends her dog.
2004 - Bree's family moves back to America, where she meets Daniel and Cassie during a brief stint in public school. Her classmates make fun of her and call her "Stargirl". In the same year, Daniel's grandmother passes away.



May 12th - Bree registers the YouTube account lonelygirl15 and begins commenting on the videos of many popular YouTubers.
May 24th - Bree posts her first video Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur.


Mid-June - Daniel graduates from high school; Bree is not allowed to attend his graduation party.
June 16th - Bree posts the video First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails which, as noted in the title, is her first blog. Two days later, she posts the video Purple Monkey, which introduces her beloved puppet.
June 23rd - Although previously mentioned in videos and comments, Daniel makes his first on-camera appearance in the video The Danielbeast.


July 4th - In the video, My Parents Suck... Bree reveals that Daniel came to her house to take her on a hiking trip, but her parents refuse to let her go. The next day Daniel creates a YouTube account and responds with the video Daniel Responds.
July 9th - Bree posts the first video of the PSW SeriesProving Science Wrong!
July 12th - Bree and Daniel finally go hiking together. Bree posts the video My Parents... Let Us Go Hiking!!! the next day. Romantic tensions on the trip lead to the video Boy Problems...
July 29th - Bree's dad nearly catches her making the blog entry The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel). He takes Daniel aside for a personal talk in which he asks Daniel to film a play at Bree's summer camp. Daniel refuses.


August 6th - Bree finally confronts Daniel about his conversation with her dad in the video What Did Daniel and Dad Talk About?. Daniel makes Bree upset by trying to light some candles in her room. The picture of Aleister Crowley is first seen in this video, as is Thor. This leads to a fight on August 15th between Bree and Daniel in the video I Probably Shouldn't Post This...
August 24th - Bree has the play. Daniel films a short video To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!) announcing that he's going to make amends with Bree and go to her play. After the play, Bree and Daniel go on what could be considered a date.
August 28th - Daniel takes Bree swimming in the San Gabriel River. The next day Bree posts the video Swimming!, in which she first mentions Cassie.
August 31st - Bree and Daniel make cookies. P. Monkey signals that something momentous will happen on October 12, 2006.


September 3rd - Bree's parents tell her she's been chosen to participate in a ceremony.
September 9th - Bree sneaks out with Daniel for the first time. They go to a party where they meet with Andrea and Paul, who invite them to go out again with them. Later, she is caught by her Dad who grounds her and bans Daniel from the house. A Few days later Bree sneaks out to meet with Daniel at a park so they can go bowling with Andrea and Paul. Daniel finds out that Bree is taking iron pills.
September 16th - Bree sneaks out to a party with Daniel. They kiss for the first time.
September 20th - Bree sneaks out to meet Daniel, and learns how to drive. They get in a fight over Bree's religion, in which Bree mentions the Order of Denderah for the first time.
September 23rd - Bree attends the Equinox celebration with her parents, and is introduced to Lucy. The next day Bree sneaks out to see Daniel, and they have a fight. Bree confesses to her parents that she's been sneaking out. Bree and Daniel are no longer speaking to each other.
September 27th - Lucy is seen by Daniel for the first time, as she and Bree go to a park to practice for the ceremony; Bree asks Daniel not to follow her anymore.


October 1st - Bree goes to possibly see a doctor with Lucy, and is followed by Daniel.
October 6th - Daniel begins to research Bree's religion and posts the video Order Of Denderah.
October 12th - Bree participates in the ceremony. While Daniel spies on the ceremony, someone takes pictures of him, which he later discovers on Lucy's computer.
October 15th - Daniel follows Lucy to her home and breaks in to discover the pictures of him spying on Bree's ritual. Two days later Bree hints that Daniel may be in danger for making The Ceremony and Following The Helper.
October 19th - Gemma posts her first video. Sometime during this weekend, Daniel calls Bree on the phone for the first time in nearly a month. Bree also reveals that the ceremony on the 12th was fake.
October 24th - Bree goes to Daniel's friend's house to talk to him, and reconsiders doing the Ceremony


November 1st - Bree's parents tell her that the deacons refuse to let her get out of performing the ceremony.
November 4th - Bree's parents are apparently kidnapped by Lucy and a Deacon.
November 7th - Bree and Daniel go into hiding for several days since witnessing Bree's parents being taken away.
November 15th - Gemma warns Bree and Daniel to be on the lookout, revealing the presence of the watchers. Jonas posts his first video.
November 23rd - Bree goes out to the movies and posts the video Date With P. Monkey. The next day Bree decides to have a picnic-style Thanksgiving dinner with Daniel on a hiking trail. The idea is proposed that Bree and Daniel go to stay at Jonas's house.


December 1st - In response to advice from Tachyon, Daniel decides to ditch his car. Bree and Daniel are living on the streets and in a warehouse. They argue about whether they can trust Jonas and whether they should return home.
December 9th - Daniel and Bree wait inside a parking garage for Jonas to show up. When he does, Daniel changes his mind and tells Bree that he's going home. Bree leaves Daniel for Jonas a couple days later, Daniel posts a video, telling about his return to his parents and giving an apology to Bree.
December 11th - Over the next few days, Tachyon posts videos, which shows footage of Gemma walking down a sunny street that is clearly not in London, Gemma and Lucy getting in to a car together, and talking on a phone to an unknown person about OpAphid.
December 15th - Over the next week, Daniel searches Bree's house, finding a suspicious box, discovers a hidden camera in his room and flees. He then sneaks into the warehouse from which the box was sent, and finds a large supply of EPOGEN. Meanwhile, Bree attempts to contact relatives.
December 25th - Daniel arrives at Jonas's house before dawn on Christmas. Jonas films Bree and Daniel's reunion, but wakes up the next morning to find Bree missing, along with his car and one of his credit cards.
December 28th - Daniel and Jonas uncover the code that Bree used to communicate with her father, and set out to catch up with her at her meeting location.
December 31st - Jonas and Daniel find Bree with her father, and rescue her from the Order. However, during the rescue, Bree's dad is shot and presumed dead. Other deaths this day include Brother killing Gemma & Dr. Isaac Gilman dying in a mysterious car crash off the I-5.



January 15th - Daniel implies that he and Bree slept together, which Bree vehemently denies.
January 26th - After going out to the bowling alley, Daniel is abducted.
January 29th - Bree sets out with Jonas to track down Daniel. This results in a road trip, and they end up having to stay in a motel that night. Jonas repeatedly assures the viewers (Daniel in particular, wherever he is) that his sharing a motel bed with Bree is strictly platonic.


February 4th - While Brainwashed, Daniel posts an OpAphid style video, reassuring Bree that the Order is good, and she should go through with the ceremony. The next day Bree offers to surrender herself to the Order, to perform the ceremony, if Daniel is released.
February 10th - With the Help of Tachyon and Brother, Bree and Jonas rescue Daniel, Tachyon shares a lot of information with Bree.
February 16th - Jonas confronts a watcher and discovers his house is no longer safe from The Order, so they go into Hiding at Jonas's cabin in the woods.
February 26th - Bree finds a Watcher symbol , in Jonas's cabin and thinks Jonas is part of a plan by The Order. She ties up Jonas, refusing to let him go until he explains the symbol to her.


March 1st - After escaping, Jonas posts the video Jonas finds boxes of Information proving that Jonas parent's were not part of the Order, but rather fighting against it.
March 7th - Bree, Jonas and Daniel, go to the house of Jonas's aunt Alex, looking for more information.
March 11th - Alex is picked up from the airport by Daniel and Jonas. Bree decides to hang out with Tachyon instead and get some training.
March 14th - Daniel, Alex, and Jonas go to a party where a photo of Lucy is spotted.
March 17th - Jonas confronts Alex, who admits to being part of the Order, and claims Jonas's parents are still alive.
March 20th - Daniel and Jonas meet up with Bree again and head for Las Vegas. They are then tracked down there, but manage to escape.
March 26th - The Order capture Bree, Daniel and Jonas and subject them to Psychological Torture. Bree agrees to do the ceremony.
March 31st - They manage to escape from where the Order were keeping them but Bree is spotted by the cameraman, who is suddenly shot. None of the three can remember what happened.


April 3rd - Bree gives background information about her mother and her religion, which she finally gives a name -- the Hymn Of One.
April 4th - The three follow Alex to Mexico, and Bree and Daniel confront Alex. Bree mentions that people have been saying that someone drugged them, but Alex denies that this was The Order's doing. Jonas later makes up with Alex.
April 9th - Jules posts her first video on YouTube.
April 12th - Nikki Bower reports that Tachyon, Brother, and OpAphid are confirmed to be missing and haven't been seen since.
April 13th - Alex takes the three to her favorite beach, but when Lucy is suddenly there, Jonas assumes that Alex has set them up. He grabs a gun from the front seat and threatens them with it. Alex claims that they are there for her, that they have a "new girl" for the ceremony, and that Bree is no longer needed.
April 14th - Taylor posts her first video on Revver.
April 16th - The three decide to stay in a bunker that has been used by The Resistance. Jonas found out about it while looking through his parent's files, and they discover more clues there. Bree learns that Jules could be the New Girl that Alex was talking about, by watching Nikki Bower's video.
April 26th - Bree learns that Taylor thinks she knows who Julia is, and decides to go to Texas. There, they meet Taylor, as well as her sister.


May 4th - Jules is tracked down, Bree attempts to talk to her about how she shouldn't do the ceremony but Jules runs off. Bree and Daniel kidnap Jules.
May 9th - Jules escapes. They eventually find her, but Lucy and the watchers show up. Bree goes to talk to them and ends up going with them, leaving Daniel and Jonas perplexed.
May 18th - Taylor discovers that Jules (unlike Bree) is not adopted. Daniel steals Jules's medical records, which contain a page with the EPOGEN symbol on it and the note "Trait: Negative."
May 25th - A brainwashed Bree makes a video advertising the hymn of one, but containing a hidden message.
May 26th - Sarah meets up with the boys in California. The three of them find a box containing significant information about Bree.


June 1st - Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah infiltrate a Hymn of One recruitment seminar, and get Bree back, against her will.
June 5th - In a rented cabin, Bree's friends try to deprogram her.
June 8th - In the morning after their first kiss, Jonas discovers that Bree has run away.
June 15th - Bree, apparently still brainwashed, uploads a video from her phone, stating that she is lost asking the Hymn of One to come find her. They pick her up shortly afterwards.
June 18th - Taylor cracks a barcode from Bree's dad's box, tracing it to the Wyman Foundation in San Diego, CA.
June 19th - Daniel finds the name Dr. Isaac Gilman in the box, but when they go to the Wyman Foundation to find him, they are told he doesn't work there.
June 20th - After more research, the gang infiltrates Issac Gilman's health club, where they meet a woman who claims to be able to help them.
June 22nd - They privately meet with the woman, who reveals herself to be Issac Gilman's former mistress. They also learn that Gilman died on 12/31/06 (the same day as Bree's dad).
June 25th - Jonas heads back to Zavalla, where he and Taylor eventually contact Issac Gilman's son, Spencer.
June 29th - Spencer posts a video response, stating that he knows nothing of his father's work and that he wishes to be left alone.


July 6th - Daniel and Sarah find Isaac Gilman's research files, at Jonas' parent's yacht club, while Jonas and Taylor return to California.
July 11th - Spencer and Taylor, with the help of the forum members, decipher the damaged documents, and discover the key to making Bree 'trait negative'.